Colorfulife Artificial High-grade 3.3-Ft Ivy Leaf Vine Leaves Hanging Flowers Garland Plant Rattan Home Garden Wedding Party Wall Decoration (Grape Leaves)

by anglovesmile
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  • High simulation leaves, high fidelity.Handle Delicate,Texture Clear.
  • Non-toxic and pollution-free, more environmentally friendly.
  • An ideal decoration for Shopping malls, Hotels, Dance Halls, Offices,Restaurants,Furniture City,Beauty salons, Wedding Supplies, Shower room and other indoor&outdoor landscaping.

Product description

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Condition:Brand New and in good Quality.
Material:High Grade Fabric and Plastic.
Size:Length is 3.3-Ft, each has 140-150pcs Leaves.
Virginia Creeper/Maple Leaves/Ivy Leaves size is 5x5cm/2"x2".
Grape Leaves/Sweet Potato Leaves size is 7x7cm/2.8"x2.8".
Evergreen/Fluff Grape Leaves size is 6x5cm/2.4"x2".
Color: Like the pictures
Packaged:1x Leaf Vine.
Beautiful Artificial Flowers ,Wonderful Life Decoration ,Welcome to Wholesale !!!

Virginia Creeper Stripe border stencil - Reusable stencil for wall decor

by Cutting Edge Stencils
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  • Detailed Stenciling instructions with color photos plus Free stencil ($4.95 value) included
  • Reusable stencil made of 12 mil clear plastic, easy to use and clean
  • Economical wallpaper alternative, great for accent wall, DIY home decor

Product description

Elegant native vine inspired this wall stencil Virginia Creeper Stripe/Border. This beautiful stencil design will look stunning on you accent wall or as an allover stripe pattern in entire room. It's so elegant and sophisticated! Use the same stencil to create beautiful stripes, a single stenciled accent, or a border.

Easy registration system, just use parts of the design to align the stencil.

Single overlay stripe stencil. Sheet size: 16.3x47" Design measures 14.5x46"

Reusable wall stencil, not a vinyl wall decal. • Our Sturdy and Reusable stencils can be used again and again. One stencil can produce many images unlike 1 time use vinyl decals. • You are not limited with your color choices. Choose any paint color you want to perfectly match your décor. • Stencils will never damage your walls. No peeling, no glue residue, no worries. • Unlike decals, stenciling is easy to touch-up, adjust or re-do. With most decals you get 1 chance to install it right. • No artistic ability is needed to use a stencil. Plus you get the satisfaction of producing beautiful wall art. Even beginners get great results! • Super economical! Stenciling is more cost effective than wallpaper, decals or faux finishes. • Works on textured walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and fabric (see below for more detailed info). • Custom sizes available on request. • Free stencil with every order! • Detailed illustrated Stenciling Instructions included.

To see how easy it is to stencil, take a look at our Illustrated STENCILING INSTRUCTIONS on our site:

Also, you can watch our step-by-step stenciling VIDEOS on YouTube.

Liz Patterson Art Journal: September Still Life On Moss

Back in September, as my garden overflowed with beautiful still life possibilities, I took a few days to set up and photograph some unusual groupings, for future inspiration and reference. This was drawn from one of my favorite creations from that project. And, yes, I consider the gathering of objects and placing them together in various ways a creation in its own right. It's amazing how much trial and error, arranging and rearranging, tweaking and nudging, and toting things from place to place it takes to come up with a good still life composition!

I wanted to use the bright peppers and large, almost ripe, heirloom tomato in this modern art-glass bowl, with a snip of turning Virginia creeper vine as a "garnish" of sorts, over the top. I set it all up on vintage linen tablecloths... a white, a turquoise, and a swirly print, then on an old wooden chair with peeling paint, then a granite step. I tried it in the garden, among the growing plants, on a huge tree stump, and, finally, right on the ground in a mossy area strewn with maple seeds and dry leaves. I found it enchanting. Really. Like fairyland enchanting. Once I saw how the dappled light worked its magic with the glass and the shadows and the cushiony green carpet, I was powerless to do anything but draw this lovely little moment in time. That is how this particular still life came to be. And after many, many hours of work, we all lived happily ever after. The End

Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper Vines call us at 215 651 8329 to learn more about Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper Parthenocissus quinquefolia (Virginia creeper) | NPIN - CachedYou +1'd this publicly. Undo Nov 25, 2009 -- A woody, dedicuous vine, Virginia Creeper can be high-climbing or...

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  1. Konnarock residents speak up for their community before board
    Plus, she said, it would create a traffic hazard in Green Cove, where the road to the convenience station there crosses the Virginia Creeper Trail. Barb Morgan, another Konnarock resident, drew applause with her remark that in a community without water
  2. New library in Damascus set to open this summer
    patrons inside and one to support an additional function of the library: a tourism office forDamascus, which is on theAppalachian Trailand is known for being a place where it and several other trails – including the Virginia Creeper Trail – meet.
  3. Press-Register - (blog) Former shrimper's butterfly collection to have own pavilion at Alabama Gulf ...
    Bayer lets a prized hawk moth loose in a cage and makes sure it has the right flower for nectar, and a plant, like Virginia creeper vine, as a place to lay its eggs. Then he takes the miniscule eggs, puts them in a tube, and mails them to a collector
  4. New trail proposed for old railroad in Smyth
    That part of the project, which he calls phase one, takes advantage of downhill coasting that draws thousands to roll down the Virginia Creeper Trail from Green Cove toward Damascus with minimal pedaling. It would not involve securing rights of way
  5. Washington board accepts state grant money for Purchase of Development Rights ...
    Among those who spoke for the program during Tuesday night's regular meeting were representatives of the Virginia Creeper Trail Club and the Washington County Farm Bureau. The two supervisors who voted against accepting the money – Bill Gibson and


  1. A photo of new growth on a Virginia Creeper vine. Photographed in Cuautitlan, Estado de Mexico, Mexico in March 2009
  2. Virginia Creeper. The quality articles are selected related closely with topic Virginia Creeper
  3. by september it changes to an amazing red colour on the exposed areas of the house, oh yea, for the readers in the states, happy 4th of july.

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  1. Best Budget-Friendly Vacations
    Named for the Virginia Creeper train that once ran here—the last one made its ... home to works by more than 1,000 artists from the state, and Honeysuckle Vine (859/986-2411), which features the work of four local standouts, including glass-bead maker ...
  2. 10 ideas to make your facade stand out with style
    Vines work really well with classic homes, particularly Victorians and Edwardians, as the plants catch gracefully to the latticework. The home below features a classic white palette which contrasts nicely with the purple leaves of the Virginia creeper ...
  3. Sow There! Weeds go to work when Disney lures the gardener away
    For some reason, three Gerbera blooms had waited for my arrival, perhaps to reward me for covering this potted plant during a recent freeze. The Virginia creeper (an invasive vine planted by a previous tenant) is showing the first bits of yellow beneath ...
autumn red plant leaves newjersey nj vine fav20 foliage highlandpark vitaceae virginiacreeper parthenocissus vitales fav10 parthenocissusquinquefolia middlesexcounty fivefinger fiveleavedivy donaldsonpark vision:outdoor=0805
Photo by Dendroica cerulea on Flickr

autumn red plant leaves newjersey nj vine fav20 foliage vitaceae virginiacreeper parthenocissus somersetcounty baskingridge vitales fav10 parthenocissusquinquefolia fivefinger lordstirlingpark fiveleavedivy
Photo by Dendroica cerulea on Flickr

virginiacreeper vine leaves red autumn berries turning stem zip02451
Photo by ForestForTrees on Flickr

Parthenocissus quinquefolia '' Virginia Creeper from American Beauties
Parthenocissus quinquefolia '' Virginia Creeper from American Beauties
Free Virginia creeper vine - Totally Free
Free Virginia creeper vine - Totally Free
Virginia Creeper For Sale | Buy Virginia Creeper | Wholesale Virginia ...
Virginia Creeper For Sale | Buy Virginia Creeper | Wholesale Virginia ...