9GreenBox - Hawaiian Umbrella Schefflera Tree - Ceramic Pot

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  • TAKING CARE HAWAIIAN UMBRELLA TREE - Plant your tree in a well-draining soil and monitor the moisture with the help of a moisture meter. Check your plant daily to look for signs of over watering that will be visible in the backend of the leaves, as a sign the leaves of your plant may curl.
  • PRUNING HAWAIIAN UMBRELLA TREE - simply remove all the dead branches and leaves using pruning shears. Cut those unwanted dying branch and tweak those new buds. Doing this step will promote new growth of offsets from emerging and your plant will be all manageable to look at.
  • 9GreenBox - Hawaiian Umbrella Schefflera Tree is 7-9'' inch live plant that will be shipped in a 3.5'' inch ceramic pot. Proudly Homegrown by 9GreenBox

Product description

Brings good luck and fortune. Place the plant in bright, indirect light and keep evenly moist, not wet or dry. The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree also makes an excellent office plant, thriving under artificial light. Easy to grow and care for. Home grown by 9Greenbox.

Hawk Wingspan Ultimate Tree Umbrella

by Hawk
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  • Features Realtree Xtra Patterning
  • 100% Extreme Weather Proof
  • 42" w x 60" Outward Length Provides Full Platform Coverage

Product description


Some of the best days in the woods feature wet rainy conditions. Stay dry and comfortable with the Ultimate Umbrella, no matter the conditions. The only umbrella with guaranteed windproof framework. The unique shape (42" wide by 60" long when opened) covers entire stand platform for full coverage from the elements. Weighing just 2.7 pounds and collapsing to a 27.25-inch packing size, the umbrella is packable and extremely easy to install utilizing a T-handle screw. Features Realtree Xtra camo and a subtle outline to blend into the surroundings.


We found most previous hunting umbrellas to either be small and inadequate or big, bulky and a hassle to put in the tree. The Wingspan Ultimate Umbrella was developed as a better solution - one that we promise to be the easiest to setup, and once setup, guaranteed to withstand the wind and elements.

Outfitted with Realtree Xtra, the subtle outline of this umbrella blends into the woods canopy as well as the camouflage itself. Now this is a sure way to HUNT SMARTER.


  • SUPER EASY INSTALLATION will get you hunting in any conditions


  • UNIQUE SHAPE is tailored to fit your entire stand platform for complete coverage from the elements

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    Umbrella Tree - NNNNNNN

    This song is from the upcoming album "To The Memory of a Once Great Man" Learn more... www.umbrellatreeband.com

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    1. RT @lazygeniuspromo: Broccoli: "I look like a tree." Walnut: "I look like a brain. " Mushroom: "I look like an umbrella." Banana: "Dude?! Change the topic."
    2. RT @AmazaynMalik: Broccoli: "I look like a tree." Walnut: "I look like a brain." Mushroom: "I look like an umbrella." Banana: "Dude! Change the topic."
    3. Broccoli: "I look like a tree." Walnut: "I look like a brain. " Mushroom: "I look like an umbrella." Banana: "Dude?! Change the topic."
    4. Broccoli: "I look like a tree." Walnut: "I look like a brain. " Mushroom: "I look like an umbrella." Banana: "Dude! Change the topic."
    5. Broccoli: "I look like a tree." Walnut: "I look like a brain. " Mushroom: "I look like an umbrella." Banana: "Dude! Change the topic."


    1. Bonsai Care The Hawaiian Umbrella Tree. Bonsai trees are dwarf trees that can be a fun and creative hobby. These miniature trees are grown in containers and training and nurturing them is an artistic

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    California - View of an Umbrella Tree Art Print by Lantern Press at ...
    California - View of an Umbrella Tree Art Print by Lantern Press at ...
    Shop 10.25-Gallon Texas Umbrella Tree (L7407) at Lowes.com
    Shop 10.25-Gallon Texas Umbrella Tree (L7407) at Lowes.com