Maintenance Tips for Tuberous Begonias

Maintenance Tips for Tuberous Begonias - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. How to grow successfully, tuberous begonias. First of all, let's think of the name. Tuberous means that...

Starting tuberous begonias indoors - High Plains Journal

Tuberous begonias are available in upright and trailing types, single and double flowers and a wide variety of vibrant colors and flower forms and are a gardener’s favorite for easily brightening a shady corner of the garden. Unfortunately, they will not survive harsh winter weather outdoors and must be dug in the fall and stored indoors through the winter months.

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  1. If you can’t decide what to plant in that protected, semi-shady corner, you can’t go wrong with tuberous begonia. However, tuberous begonia isn’t a plant-it-and-forget-it plant. Keeping the plant alive and healthy requires a bit of extra attention. Read on for some tuberous begonia growing ...
  2. Description. With 1,831 species, Begonia is one of the largest genera of flowering plants. The species are terrestrial (sometimes epiphytic) herbs or undershrubs, and occur in subtropical and tropical moist climates, in South and Central America, Africa, and southern Asia.Terrestrial species in the wild are commonly upright-stemmed, rhizomatous, or tuberous.
  3. Begonia (Tuberous Begonias) Latin Name Pronunciation: beg-own'ee-uh Tuberous Begonias are frost-tender plants that thrive where they receive bright light but little or no direct sun.
  4. Tuberous begonias (Begonia × tuberhybrida Voss, also known as the Tuberhybrida Group or the Tuberosa Group) are a group of Begonia cultivars, regarded as some of the most spectacular of the genus.. One of the first hybrids produced was B. x sedenii in 1870, a cross between B. boliviensis, collected by botanist Richard Pearce and a species from the Andes. ...
  5. Create stunning hanging baskets with tuberous begonias. Tuberous Begonia Care Must-Knows. As their name implies, tuberous begonias grow from a large tuber, or storage root.
morning flower macro water up yellow closeup droplets spring close head over dew begonia bloom overhead tuberous
Overhead of a freshly blooming yellow begonia flower with morning dew
Photo by puffclinty on Flickr

flower sanfranciscoca macroflowers sfconservatoryofflowers tuberousbegonia blueribbonwinner flowerscolors stigmas geophyte
Twisted stigmas at the center of a tuberous begonia flower Photographed in the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers (before reconstruction) 35mm Kodachrome, Canon SLR, exp. data unavailable
Photo by J.G. in S.F. on Flickr

Begonia in bloom in my garden.
Photo by epiforums on Flickr