Pruning and Collecting Torenia Seeds

Pruning and collecting Torenia seeds. Thanks for watching :) Watch my other video: Propagating WISHBONE FLOWER TORENIA in Containers - Have a nice day!

Gardening: Can amaryllis flower bulb be saved for next year? - Allentown Morning Call

Q: I received a self-watering amaryllis flower from my daughter for Christmas. It is mounted on a wooden plank. I have been unable to find any information on whether or not the self-watering bulbs can be stored for next year. Is this a one-hit wonder or is there hope for the future?

The bulb is waxed and I see no signs of any roots. The center...


  1. Torenia is a profuse blooming annual flower that starts flowering early in the season and keeps up the show through fall, with minimal deadheading.The plants are deer-resistant and attractive to hummingbirds.They are a good choice for borders.
  2. Torenia is a genus of plants now classified in the family Linderniaceae.Torenia has also been classified in the figwort family Scrophulariaceae. Often called wishbone flowers, bluewings; in Hawaii nanioola'a or ola'a beauty, some species are grown as garden plants. Many F1 and F2 Torenia hybrids have been hybridizied in the last 30 years.
  3. Torenia are somewhat of a legacy in the Proven Winners spring collection. This year, one of Proven Winners most popular varieties is joined by Large Violet, a larger version of Blue (Violet).
  4. TORENIA FOURNIERI. If your shady spots are looking a little dull and uninspired, you may want to consider Torenia fourneiri, which blooms generously and brightly in shade.. Another mark in the “wow” column for this lovely annual comes from its velvety bi-color or tri-color trumpet-shaped flowers with their delicate throats of contrasting color.
  5. When looking for a long lasting and attention-grabbing addition to the part sun flowerbed, consider the wishbone flower plant. Torenia fournieri, the wishbone flower, is a short ground-hugging beauty with profuse and delicate blooms. Don’t be fooled though; while the flowers appear delicate, they ...
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