Ross Tree & Shrubs Fertilizer Refills for Ross Root Feeder, 25-10-10 (Ideal for Watering During Droughts), 12 Refills

by Ross
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  • Guaranteed analysis: (25-10-10) 12 refills, (25-10-10) 54 refills
  • Deep feeding fertilizer system supplies nutrients at the root level, where the active roots are growing; Encourages deep root development
  • Ross Root Feeder System stops pollution from fertilizer run-off and costly waste of water from evaporation; Ideal for watering during droughts

Product description

Make sure your trees and shrubs are healthy and thriving all season long with Ross Root Feeder Fertilizer Refills for Trees & Shrubs. Use pre-measured fertilizer refills in your Ross Root Feeder to get the perfect balance of nutrients directly to plants’ roots – while you water at the same time! Simply connect a garden hose to the Root Feeder and insert the Ross Root Feeder Fertilizer Refill for Trees and Shrubs. Turn on water at spigot. Turn on water flow valve slightly until a stream of water flows out the tip of the feed tube. As water saturates soil, insert Ross Root Feeder at equal intervals in ring under outer branches (drip line) of the tree or shrub. Never at the trunk of the tree or base of the shrub. If soil is dry, continue root watering after Ross Trees & Shrubs Fertilizer Refills have dissolved. Tightly seal unused fertilizer in its plastic bag. Store in dry place. Ross pre-measured fertilizer refills make for fast, easy and mess-free fertilizing.  Ross Root Feeder and Green-Again are registered trademarks of Easy Gardener, Inc.

Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens - 18x24 American Hardwood Chopping and Carving Countertop Block with Juice Drip Groove

by Virginia Boys Kitchens
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  • KNIFE-FRIENDLY SURFACE: The porous, soft straight grains of walnut wood make it an cutting surface that won't dull your knives. And with the expertly carved juice groove around one edge to catch runaway liquids, you can take care of all messy food prep carving meats, slicing fruits, chopping vegetables, dicing herbs, mincing and more while keeping a clean kitchen
  • RICH CHOCOLATE HUE: When seasoned, the board carries an attractive dark brown shade, making it an attractive piece of home decor to go with its function. It makes the perfect gift for the holidays, weddings, bridal showers, anniversary, couple's housewarming parties, Mother's Day, or a best friend birthday. Or simply use it as your own presentation piece for tastefully presenting charcuterie, cheese platters, breads, pizzas, sushi and more to guests
  • LONG LASTING DURABILITY: Each board is made in the the USA with responsibly sourced, non endangered Black Walnut Wood and is kiln dried and carefully smoothed before finishing. You get a thick, sturdy and reversible block that won't warp, crack or splinter and will last you years if it's properly maintained

Product description

Prepare and Present Beautiful Meals Easily with the Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board! Money Back Guarantee!

If you bake, entertain or cook, you are sure to find good reasons to love the Virginia Boys Kitchen's Extra Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board. Seriously, it's that good!

We dissected the most reviewed and recommended wood cutting boards and asked how it could be made better. And the result is a beautiful, elegant chopping and carving American walnut wood reversible block with a juice drip groove that is hand-crafted in the USA.

We make our products with the highest quality materials and the utmost integrity you won't find in any other competing products or brands:

✓2-for-1 All-purpose, massive workstation for food prep AND an elegant presentation piece for charcuterie, cheese platters, breads, pizzas, sushi and more to guests.

✓Expertly carved juice groove to catch runaway liquids and take care of messy food prep like carving meats, slicing fruits, chopping vegetables, dicing herbs, mincing and more!

✓Knife-friendly surface that won't dull your knives.

✓Each board is made with responsibly sourced, non endangered American Black Walnut Wood and is kiln dried and carefully smoothed before finishing.

✓Thick, sturdy and reversible block that won't warp, crack or splinter and will last you years if it's properly maintained.

Make it a perfect give to give on any occasion:

Housewarming Parties
Mother's or Father's Day

Buy It to Try It

Each knife is backed by our standard 120-Day Return Guarantee. If you're not over the moon happy with it, let us know and we'll refund you 100% of your purchase.

Dimensions: 18" x 24" x 1"

For the utmost peace of mind in buying kitchen tools you trust, think Virginia Boys, and choose the Walnut Wood Cutting Board now!

Majestic sycamore in Dublin has to be cut down - Columbus Dispatch

It had a good run, that sycamore tree.

For nearly 300 years, it has stood watch over the north fork of Indian Run.

Yet a single lightning strike was all it took to cripple what the locals say is by far the largest and most majestic sycamore in Dublin’s 56-park, 1,400-acre public recreation system.

The tree, just north of the water tower at Avery Park, will have to come down. It’s cordoned off now, and a portion of the walking trail that snakes through the park is closed. The situation is too precarious to take chances, said Fred Hahn, Dublin’s director of parks and open spaces.

The tree was hit by lightning during a severe thunderstorm on the evening of March 18. Washington Township fire crews responded to a call of “a smoking tree.”

Crews arrived to find that the sycamore, with its nearly 8-foot-diameter base, was hollow and the fire was inside. They pumped water through holes already in the tree, but that didn’t work.

Hahn said they decided to just let it smolder for days, hoping the fire would burn only the already-dead wood inside and that perhaps the tree could be saved.

But no luck. The interior temperature of the tree topped 1,100 degrees; the bark still registered 450 degrees days after the strike. All the stress proved too much, and its massive limbs began to heave. One snapped, then two. Then another and another.

By Friday, parks officials knew: The tree would have to go.

For now, the tree remains, beautiful even in its brokenness. Some of its ghostly, speckled limbs snapped and are hanging like broken arms; its uppermost branches still sway in the breeze.

An arborist will be on site today to assess how to take it down. It is expected that crews will remove it on Wednesday.

“It’s a darn shame, that’s what it is,” Hahn said. “Just a darn shame.”

Sycamore Trees--Twin Peaks

This is a song off of the Twin Peaks Fire walk with me soundtrack. The song is sung by Jimmy Scott :-) I love this song and the movie! I DO NOT OWN THIS VIDEO OR SONG

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  1. Where are the Moon Trees?
    It's a sycamore tree, and it has been growing in Indianapolis since 1976, on the Statehouse lawn, just a few yards south of the Capitol Avenue entrance. On April 19, 1976, Gov. Otis Bowen planted the sycamore as part of an Arbor Day program started by
  2. Columbus Dispatch Majestic sycamore in Dublin has to be cut down
    By Holly Zachariah The interior of this sycamore caught fire after the tree was struck by lightning. It had a good run, that sycamore tree. For nearly 300 years, it has stood watch over the north fork of Indian Run. Yet a single lightning strike was
  3. Canton Repository Centuries old tree succumbs to Ohio lightning fire
    By Anonymous AP Authorities say a sycamore tree that's looked over a central Ohio stream for nearly 300 years will have to come down after a lightning strike set it on fire. The Columbus Dispatch reports the tree in a Dublin park was hit March 18,
  4. Authorities duck for cover over tree
    While the Whangamomona tree chopping mystery remains "unsolved", it appears nobody wants to claim responsibility of the tree that once was. On Sunday, a 98-year-old sycamore tree that lined the "republic's" main street was cut down anonymously,
  5. Touring Jericho: My Search for the Zacchaeus Tree
    However, Zacchaeus was too short to be noticed by him so he climbed on a sycamore fig tree to see Jesus better (Luke 19:1-4). On my last visit to Jericho, I wanted to find the sycamore tree of Zacchaeus, but how do I know which is the exact tree

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  1. #LetNemaeGoB4 i climb the sycamore tree
  2. Friendship is like a Sycamore tree. It may not give any fruit but the shadow it provides is sufficient enough
  3. The sycamore tree was strategically placed. Bishop Francis #EBW12
  4. Your sycamore tree is strategically placed #EBW12
  5. Stars shining bright above you. Night breezes seem to whisper 'I love you'. Birds singing in the sycamore tree. Dream a little dream of me.


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  3. LIFE IN A SYCAMORE TREE. Julio Iglesias wasn rsquo t always able to sing. Originally the entertainer wanted to be a professional soccer player. His career dreams were sidelined when a car accident

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  1. Favourites with their roots in our broad acres
    The tree is 30ft high and is clipped annually. And then, of course, there’s the ‘Sycamore Gap’ Tree, on Hadrian’s Wall, in Northumberland, one of the most photographed trees in the UK. Growing in a dramatic dip, it is famous for being in Robin Hood ...
  2. Range of planning proposals lodged with county council
    Heddon on the Wall: Mrs Margaret Bone, 20 Killiebrigs, tree preservation order application for pollarding three Sycamore trees and four Birch trees. Matfen: Mr and Mrs Parker, South Hall, Ingoe, listed building consent application – proposed construction ...
  3. Bark not unlike a person’s skin
    A tree’s outer bark, sometimes called cork ... Paperbark Maple has unique burgundy coloured bark with layers that can be peeled off like an onion skin. Sycamore has bark that easily falls off exposing smooth thin bark underneath. Aspen has smooth ...
sycamoretree cocanal glen echo maryland
A sycamore tree on the Potomac River near Glen Echo Maryland.
Photo by anoddeel on Flickr

river sycamore tree leaning woods forest country
A huge sycamore tree leans over the river and into some other trees.
Photo by CaptPiper on Flickr

cityproject sycamoretrees thecityproject cityprojectca monumentsdiversitydemocracy lahistoricmonuments hcm465
These 51 trees were planted during 1926 as part of the improvements of the subdivision. Visit the interactive maps and images about Monuments: Diversity, Democracy and Freedom by The City Project.
Photo by The City Project on Flickr

Sycamore Tree Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images
Sycamore Tree Stock Photos and Pictures | Getty Images
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American Sycamore Tree Seeds | Tree Seeds for Sale