FloristryWarehouse Artificial silk Sweetpea pink & lilac stems Sweet Pea flowers 16 inches

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  • All stems internally wired to retain the desired shape
  • Artificial silk sweetpea stems in shades of pink and lilac
  • Beautifully detailed realistic stems and flowers are perfect for wedding bridal arrangements or simply arranging in a vase

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Artificial silk Sweetpea stems in shades of pink and lilac. 4 stems of realistic sweet pea flowers overall height 40cm (16 inch). Each stem branches into two half way up, to give 8 stems of flowers at the top. Beautifully detailed realistic stems and flowers are perfect for wedding bridal arrangements or simply arranging in a vase. All the stems are internally wired to retain the desired shape. Delivered in a clear cello sleeve with a raffia bow. Actual colour may vary a little from the photo depending on your monitor settings. All sizes are approximate.

Butterfly Blue Pea Flowers for Enhancing Hot & Cold Teas - 100% Organic/Pesticide Free Natural Dried Thai Herbals, Carefully Selected Pigeonwings Flowers Blue Tea From Northern Thailand, 1.60Oz (50g)

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  • ★ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We're confident that you will love our butterfly pea flowers. However if for any reason you're not satisfied with your product, ship it back to us for a full and prompt refund (or replace it if there's a problem). At Thida, customer satisfaction is our top priority!
  • ★ BRAIN BOOSTER & MEMORY ENHANCER - Blue pea flowers has shown great to support memory health, boost your focus, mental clarity, and concentration. It's a brain tonic for students and workers, and it can also reduce stress, enhance your mood and reduce fatigue and weakness
  • ★ AMAZING TASTE - You can take it both hot and cold tea. It has a natural blue color when submerged in water. You can add honey and lemon to add some flavor for your morning drink

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★ Thida Butterfly Pea Flowers ★

If you're looking to increase your energy levels, boost brainpower, sleep better at night, and maintain a healthy hair and skin. Butterfly Pea can help!

Also known as Asian pigeonwings, cordofan pea, Darwin pea, and bluebellvine, the Butterfly Pea (Its botanical name 'Clitoria Ternatea') is a popular organical plant that is used for diverse health treatments. Butterfly Pea is packed with potent antioxidants that has been consumed for centuries in Asia as a memory enhancer, brain booster, anti-stress and calmative agent.

A team of researchers found that butterfly pea can increase the levels of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that is important for communication in your brain, and it enhances the ability to focus on studies and work, enhances memory function and brainpower.

In the beauty industry, butterfly pea is widely used for skin care and cosmetic products. Containing flavonoids and peptides, they can rejuvenate and protect your skin and lessen wrinkles and other signs of aging. And the composition of bioflavonoids can promote healthy hair growth and reduce graying of hair.

Butterfly pea has also shown positive effect to combat lung cancer cell lines, and treat menstruation problems.

Our extraordinary herbs are naturally grown in northern Thailand. It's free of pesticides or chemicals. They are picked up from the ground and packed in bags.

Click the add to cart button and enjoy the exceptional benefits that butterfly pea has to offer!

Adrianne Smith Floral Design » sweet peas

What’s not to love about sweet peas?  So ruffly, feminine and filled with the most delightful fragrance – aaahhh.  When I was a little lassie, sweet pea seeds were given to me by my mother…it was the first flower I ever grew.  Watching them trellis up our garden fence filled my little 6 year old heart with the giddiness and anticipation of Christmas, seriously.  A spring and early summer flower, they come in beautiful colors:  purple, lavender, red, watermelon pink, light pink and white.  They are a lovely touch to hand-tied bouquets and old fashioned vintage themed events.  Get to know them, cuz they’re pretty sweet!

Scented Sweet Peas - How to Grow Lovely Sweet Pea Flowers Like These.

Here are our favourite flowers - delightfully fragrant Sweet Peas - we show you how to grow them by sowing sweet pea seeds or planting ready grown plants.

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    Out of that friendship, Project Sweet Peas was born in 2009 — and it now provides vital ... the group supplies bereaved parents with "memory boxes" that include items like stuffed animals, flower seeds, and remembrance charms; They also host annual ...
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    If you plant peas on either side of the trellis ... Look for not too big, not too flat, and you’ll reap sweet but not starchy peas. Above: Photograph by Free Use Photos via Flickr. Peas thrive in full sun or partial shade. Peas like well-drained soil ...
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    Flowers: Alyssum, baby’s breath ... shasta daisy, statice, stock and sweet pea. Many gardeners seem to forget the great herbs listed above to grow at this time of the year. Most herbs like the cooler weather and flourish during the winter months.
flower sweetpea theflowerfields
Sweet Pea Flower at the Sweet Pea Maze at the Flower Fields.
Photo by orangperlis on Flickr

Photo by Doug Beckers on Flickr

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Photo by greenhem on Flickr

The sweet pea is also susceptible to ehtylene in quantities produced ...
The sweet pea is also susceptible to ehtylene in quantities produced ...
Winter Sweet Pea Flowers View All
Winter Sweet Pea Flowers View All