Alleged specs of the Snapdragon 670 leak online - ... -

Now that weve heard the announcement of the Snapdragon 845 from Qualcomm back in December, we turn our attention to the headlining model of Qualcomms 600-series chips: the Snapdragon 670. This chip is supposed to succeed the popular Snapdragon 660 CPU and its alleged specs have leaked as WinFuture reports.

According to reports, the Snapdragon 670 will be built on the 10nm...


  1. A Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform harnesses the best in 4G connectivity and unleashes transformative 5G experiences, all while delivering an entirely new generation of Wi-Fi performance and innovation that brings you multi-Gigabit connectivity.
  2. Snapdragon is a suite of system on a chip (SoC) semiconductor products for mobile devices designed and marketed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. The Snapdragon central processing unit (CPU) uses the ARM RISC instruction set.A single SoC may include multiple CPU cores, a graphics processing unit (GPU), a wireless modem, and other software and hardware to support a smartphone's global positioning ...
  3. Qualcomm Snapdragon and Qualcomm mobile processor are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.
  4. Snapdragon (с англ. — «Львиный зев») — семейство мобильных систем на кристалле (SoC) компании Qualcomm.Включают процессоры, базирующиеся на архитектуре ARM, и ряд модулей связи.Линейка позиционируется как платформа для ...
  5. Snapdragon on süsteemikiipide tootepere. Töötas välja elektroonikaettevõte Qualcomm mobiilsete seadmete jaoks nagu nutitelefonid, tahvelarvutid jne. Kiibistikud omavad ARM arvutiarhitektuuri.. Kiibistikus Qualcomm kasutab oma isikliku tuuma – Krait (varem Scorpion). Ja oma graafikaprotsessor – Adreno.
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