Sakkas CLDHS153 - Ella Dogwood Flower Straight Border Pashmina/Shawl/ Wrap/Stole - Silver Brown - OS

Price: $69.99

  • Lovely contrasting colors make the floral design really stand out.
  • Wash on delicate cycle and hang dry. Light iron is ok. Imported. | Material: Cashmere feel soft fabric.
  • Dimensions: approximately 31.5 inches (80 cms) wide x 72 inches (172 cms) long with fringes

500 Silky Dogwood Tree Seeds, Cornus Amomum

500 Silky Dogwood Tree Seeds, Cornus Amomum

Price: $20.00

  • Best used as a shrub border tree
  • 70-90% germination rate
  • Grows up to 6 to 10 feet tall

SILKY DOGWOOD Cornus Amomum - 25+ SEEDS

SILKY DOGWOOD Cornus Amomum - 25+ SEEDS

Price: $10.20

  • Its bark becomes fissured, the youngest twigs carry reddish brown tones.
  • plant
  • tree

Cornus amomum

silky dogwood.

PA Game Commission Plants Seed For Environmental Learning - AmmoLand Shooting Sports News

USA -( The Pennsylvania Game Commission once again is helping students learn about the vital role trees play in the environment.

The Seedlings for Schools program provides tree seedlings to classrooms so students can plant them as part of projects to improve wildlife habitat.

Orders placed as part of the “Seedlings for Schools” program are being...

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  2. Waterbury Republican American Connecticut lakes under green siege from algae, other invasive plants
    Fast growing Japanese knotweed is really a problem on shorelines, because it forms monocultures, replacing a mosaic of native pickerelweed, sedge clumps, silky dogwood,and arrowhead; when bank erosion breaks off pieces of rhizome, it spreads 
  3. Midland Daily News Chuck Martin: A fall fruit display
    Two of the most common dogwood shrubs in Michigan are called grey dogwood and red stem dogwood and they both have white fruit. Another native shrub of Michigan is called silky dogwood and it produces turquois fruit. All of these native shrubs have an 
  4. The Daily Progress Out here, you are doing something...
    On April 30 and May 1, students from Anna Burkett's biology and ecology classes at Orange County High School worked to restore a section of land along the banks of the Robinson River in Madison County. Friends of the Rappahannock worked with the 
  5. Monroe News Star Dogwoods: A harbinger of spring in Louisiana
    However, a number of other dogwood species may be found in the southeastern United States. Roughleaf dogwood, C. drummondii, occurs sporadically in Louisiana along the Mississippi River. It flowers during summer. Silky dogwood, C. amomum, is found 


  1. Also known a swamp dogwood, silky dogwood is a mid-size shrub that grows wild along streams, ponds and other wetlands across much of the eastern half of the United States. In the home landscape, silky dogwood bushes work well in moist, naturalized areas and do a good job at stabilizing the soil in ...
  2. Cornus is a genus of about 30–60 species of woody plants in the family Cornaceae, commonly known as dogwoods, which can generally be distinguished by their blossoms, berries, and distinctive bark. Most are deciduous trees or shrubs, but a few species are nearly herbaceous perennial subshrubs, and a few of the woody species are evergreen.Several species have small heads of inconspicuous ...
  3. OPPOSITELY-BRANCHED SHRUBS Dogwood, Striped Maple, Mountain Maple, Viburnums, and Elderberry Aceraceae, The Maple Family Caprifoliaceae, The Honeysuckle Family Cornaceae, The Dogwood Family. A number of oppositely-branched shrubs grow in the U.P.
  4. Sometimes the branches closely resemble those of Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) and even Silky Dogwood (Cornus obliqua).
  5. Dachshunds are long, low-bodied dogs created to crawl into a burrow to hunt badger. Dachshund (German word) translated means "Badger Hound". Even though Dachshunds were originally bred as hunters, this breed's unique appearance and cheerful nature has made it very popular as a family dog, companion, and a watchdog.
summer plant leaves newjersey stem nj shrub somersetcounty cornus cornaceae cornusamomum silkydogwood cornales warrentownship glenhurstmeadows
Stems and leaves
Photo by Dendroica cerulea on Flickr

summer plant fruit newjersey nj shrub somersetcounty cornus cornaceae fav10 cornusamomum silkydogwood cornales warrentownship glenhurstmeadows
Photo by Dendroica cerulea on Flickr

plant vermont vegetation ecological leduc soburlington
silky dogwood
Photo by placeuvm on Flickr