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A little information about the Sassafras tree.

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n a muggy August morning, Jared Farmer is taking a walk around Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. Farmer comes here every week; the cemetery, spanning nearly two centuries and 500 acres, is a natural place to stretch his legs and compose his thoughts.

It’s not just the obvious historical details that catch his attention — forgotten sculptural vernaculars, engraved names tracking New York’s...


  1. Sassafras is a genus of three extant and one extinct species of deciduous trees in the family Lauraceae, native to eastern North America and eastern Asia. The genus is distinguished by its long and rubbery properties, which have made the tree useful to humans.
  2. Sassafras albidum (sassafras, white sassafras, red sassafras, or silky sassafras) is a species of Sassafras native to eastern North America, from southern Maine and southern Ontario west to Iowa, and south to central Florida and eastern Texas.It occurs throughout the eastern deciduous forest habitat type, at altitudes of sea level up to 1,500 m (5000 feet).
  3. Sassafras Tree Care. Pruning these ornamental beauties is rarely a necessity except initially to develop a strong structure. Otherwise, sassafras tree care is straightforward. Provide the tree with adequate irrigation but do not overwater or allow sitting in sodden soils. The tree is fairly drought tolerant as well.
  4. The sassafras tree is a medium-size tree native to the eastern part of North America. It is grown for its curiously variable leaves, beautiful fall color, and ability to adapt well to poor soil conditions. It is used in the production of sassafras tea. Description of sassafras tree: The sassafras ...
  5. Sassafras 'albidum' - Grows To 60', Sassafrases are known for their fragrance and flavor. The root and stems have uniquely different fragrances and flavors. The roots have the smell of root beer since they were one of the primary plants used in making traditional root beer. The stems have a slightly more citric smell. Safrole is the component in the plant that gives it it’s unique fragrance ...
tree sassafras
Sassafras tree with Nectria Canker sores
Photo by jgates513 on Flickr

tree sassafras
This picture with the flash shows what the insides of those sores look like. Sassafras tree with Nectria Canker sores
Photo by jgates513 on Flickr

Photo by Christian Collins on Flickr