Fangkun Shower Curtain Heart Decor Heart Shaped Red Valentine Oak Tree of Love and Grass - Waterproof, Soap, and Mildew resistant - Machine Washable - Shower Hooks (YL048#, 72 x 72 inches)

by China
Price: $19.99
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  • - Machine washable - Vibrant colors, Clear image, No dyes harming health of your family
  • - 72 inchs Wide x 72 inches Long - High quality Turkish fabric, No liner needed, Includes free hooks
  • - Waterproof - Mold, mildew and soap resistant, Non vinyl, Non PEVA,Environmentally friendly

Product description

- Material: Polyester
- Color: as the picture show
- Pattern:as the picture show
- Size:72" W x 72" L

- 1 x Shower Curtain
- 12pcs Hook

Bamboo Travel Utensils - To-Go Ware Utensil Set with Carrying Case (Cayenne)

by To-Go Ware
List price: $12.95
Price: $12.75
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  • Heat- and stain-resistant, and hand-finished with natural, food-safe wood oil
  • Reusable bamboo utensils made from sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Carrycase made from recycled plastic bottles (PET)

Product description

Cut down on plastic waste with these portable, eco-friendly utensils made with 100% bamboo - a highly durable & sustainable material. This compact set includes flatware and chopsticks that are heat- and stain-resistant, safe to use on non-stick surfaces and won't impart or absorb flavors. Utensils are hand finished with natural, food-safe wood oil. The carrying case is made from recycled plastic bottles (PET)and features a carabiner on the back. Using these bamboo utensils will cut back on all of the disposable plastic utensils that end up in landfills each year. Bamboo is an organic, beautiful & earth-friendly material known for its fast growth cycle and natural strength. Highly adaptable, bamboo can grow almost anywhere and protects the environment by generating more oxygen than other trees. Bamboo is an organic, beautiful & earth-friendly grass known for its fast growth cycle and natural strength- it's stronger than oak! Using recycled PET is smart - it cuts down on waste & minimizes damage to the environment by conserving oil, energy & non-renewable resources. When bamboo is harvested, it need not be replanted, because it will grow a new shoot from its extensive root system. Bamboo renews itself readily, unlike hardwood trees, which once cut are gone forever. Care Instructions: Hand wash the case with a wet sponge or cloth. Utensils are dishwasher safe, but hand washing with soap and water is recommended. Bamboo and tiffin carrying cases are produced through the women's cooperatives WEAVE (Burma) and Conserve (India). Size: 8.5" W x 1.25" H. Color: Cayenne Cover.

monsterbella_: Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree

Title: Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree
Staring: KyuHae, Donghae's father.
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, romance.
Warnings: Character death
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: As he fights for his life after the crash, Kyuhyun meets an unexpected guide in the mist.
A/N: This isn't as horribly sad as it seems, I promise.

It is as if he has awoken from some kind of slumber, suddenly finding himself staggering sluggishly on a frozen road, the dirt ground crunching under his bare feet. It looks like dawn, or possibly twilight, soft, blue light covering the fields surrounding him.
”Ah, Kyuhyunah. I'm so sorry.” A calm, deep, voice adresses him, cutting through the silence and the fog. He can't see the man properly, but the silhouette and the voice is enough for him to understand. Kyuhyun recognizes it even without the white noise and static of the telephones they usually spoke through.
”Abeonim? What am I doing here?”
”You must be tired, hm?” A soft hand clasps his shoulder. ”Let's go sit down, there's a bench this way.”

He let himself be led to the little bench by what looks like a bus stop.
”Where are we?”
”I grew up here. I wanted to grow old here, too. I find it so peaceful,” the man says and nods to a tree not too far from the side of the road. ”I proposed to my wife there, sitting under that tree. Played football with my sons on the field sometimes.” He sighs softly and looks at Kyuhyun. ”You're a smart boy. I'm sure you have guessed where we are.”

Kyuhyun can only nod, hands shaking a little and breath coming out in little, cloudy puffs. The hand on his shoulder is cold, cool like the mists around them, but he never expected anything else. Donghae's dad has been gone for half a year, after all. He has is pretty sure where he has ended up. Kyuhyun swallows and tries...

Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree / Third Star

Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree from the soundtrack to the new film Third Star. Download the album on iTunes :

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  1. Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Earth warmth a threat to oak trees
    By Lee Bergquist of the Journal Sentinel A fungal disease known as oak wilt that kills red oak trees could come sooner. Forest health experts say that unseasonably warm weather is raising concerns that oak wilt will strike oaks this month,
  2. Rockler Sets Earth Day Goal of 20000 New Trees, Partnership with Hardwood ...
    A not-for-profit, educational organization, the Hardwood Forestry Fund targets planting and management of commercially valuable hardwoods, including black cherry, black walnut, red oak, hard maple, hickory, ash, and others. All trees planted by the
  3. Las Cruces Arbor Day Celebration includes free tree giveaway
    In addition, fifteen, 15-gallon trees will be raffled near the end of the event. Species include Chinese Pistache, Texas Red Oak and Lacebark Elm. There is no charge for the raffle but winners must be present to win. The planting and dedication of a
  4. Solid as an oak?
    So what is oak wilt and how can you avoid it? Oak wilt is caused by the fungus Ceratocystis fagacearum and affects the tree's water-carrying cells (xylem) and inhibits the movement of of water and nutrients up into the tree. Red oak and pin oak (leaves
  5. Tree planting project gets underway Saturday in Saginaw
    They will plant a variety of trees native to Michigan, including Red Oak, River Birch, Beech, Maples, and a variety of Elms. The second area will be the Adams Boulevard area, getting some flowering trees along the boulevard to replace some of the

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  1. The hell? I thought a Red Oak was a tree?..
  2. @NaigelPhoonz Or Higher Love. Or If I Had A Boat. Or Follow You Down To The Red Oak Tree :)
  3. RT @getsomeindie: #nowplaying: James Vincent McMorrow - Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree Specialy for: @Jaume1898 #indie #music
  4. #nowplaying: James Vincent McMorrow - Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree Specialy for: @Jaume1898 #indie #music
  5. James Vincent Mc Morrow - Follow You to the Red Oak Tree: Love this...


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  3. Dubliner James Vincent McMorrow enthralled Green Man onlookers during his incredible set in the Far Out Tent. James Vincent McMorrow released his debut record, Early in the Morning, to widespread critical acclaim. A stunning collection of songs recorded...

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  1. Friday January 20th is Arbor Day in St Augustine
    Past Arbor Day ceremonies have included planting of 97 trees, including Holly, Live Oak, Red Maple and Sycamore trees at 24 locations, citywide. A visit is planned from Smokey the Bear and the Environmental Youth Council will participate in the ceremonies.
  2. ET Soccer Roundup: Longview boys rout Jacksonville, more
    New Summerfield; 4 p.m. JV Final; (Grass field): 9 a.m. Red Oak vs. Marshall; Jacksonville vs ... will face Nacogdoches at 2 p.m. today. PINE TREE 1, PLEASANT GROVE 0: HALLSVILLE — Eden Antonisse scored the lone goal of the contest on a penalty kick ...
  3. Accused tree-cutter has trial delayed until spring
    In a report to City Attorney Barry DeWalt, an investigator last year tallied the loss of 17 live oaks, six willows, two Oregon ash, two gray pine, a red bud and valley oak. Besides the extra water for the new trees, a city arborist said the area would need ...
red tree oak florida fl tallahassee lichgate
Annnnnd here is the tree. It is all sorts of amazing and beautiful....and HUGE! Don't let me super wide angle lens fool you, this thing is ginormous.
Photo by ohhector on Flickr

Photo by hickmanwoods on Flickr

redoak tree oak nature forest woods
I thought this tree had a lot of character. Probably best viewed large.
Photo by Treehugger on Flickr

Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree / Third Star
Follow You Down to the Red Oak Tree / Third Star