AMERICAN PLANT EXCHANGE Sweet Potato Vine Live Plant 1 Gallon Desana Lime

Price: $18.99

  • Round dark blue fruits can Follow flowers if pollination occurs.
  • Great for groundcover in landscapes. Works great in pots, both indoors and outdoors!
  • Slender stems with elongated Oval dark Green leaves provide a backdrop for star-shaped White flowers

96 Feet - 12 Artificial Silk Ivy Dense Sweet Potato Garland Vine Fake Hanging Plant Leaves Greenery Wedding Party Garlands

Price: $12.99

  • Leaves were made from silk and the stems were made from plastic.
  • Total Length: approx. 8' long with 100 leaves which dimensions are about 1.2"~2".
  • Can be used for home,school,wedding,party decorations.

Potato on Crack (Vine)

Somewhat of a remix to the viral potato vine.

Gardening Q & A: Sweet potatoes not propagated same as potatoes. Here's how to to do it. - Virginian-Pilot

ask Ken

Q. I always had a fascination with sweet potato vine as an ornamental plant. I have a sweet potato left in my larder and would like to start it growing in a glass of water. One end is rounded and fat; the other end is smaller, with a stub. So which end goes up and which end goes down? – W. Smith, Virginia...


  1. Design Ideas The delicate look and assertive growth of this vine makes it a good cover for fence or arbor. Twine up the post of a shade covering or around the base of palm trees. Good container plant for porch or patio.
  2. Sweet Potato Vine Care Must-Knows. Sweet potato vine loves the sun and does best in full heat. The plant is grown primarily for its wonderful foliage and tropical feel.
  3. Potato vine . Ambitious beauty reaching for the stars . Lengthy flowering, flexibility, and the fact that it needs virtually no care makes the Potato Vine the ultimate lazy Indian summer plant.
  4. Original Vine a potato flew around my room before you came excuse the mess you made Follow me on Instagram Subscribe.
  5. The poor potato vine plant (Solanum jasminoides or S. laxum) ought to sue the person who saddled it with its misnomer. Despite most people's assumptions, this is not a plant children grow by sprouting a potato's eyes.
green sweetpotatovine
Sweet potato vines.
Photo by awyatt on Flickr

green sweetpotatovine
Sweet potato vines.
Photo by awyatt on Flickr

flower white macro solanumjasminoides solanum potatovine
Photo by Dawn Endico on Flickr