3dRose LLC lsp_46838_1 Oleander White , Flower, Tree, Oleander, Blossom, Tropical Plant, Buds Single Toggle Switch

by 3D Rose (Home Improvement)
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  • High gloss finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Includes matching screws

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Oleander White - white, flower, tree, oleander, blossom, tropical plant, buds Light Switch Cover is made of durable scratch resistant metal that will not fade, chip or peel. Featuring a high gloss finish, along with matching screws makes this cover the p

Artificial Plants, Hogado 4pcs Faux Baby's Breath Fake Gypsophila Shrubs Simulation Greenery Bushes Wedding Centerpieces Table Floral Arrangement Bouquet Filler White

by Hogado
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  • Fluffy Baby's Breath in misty color to create a rustic wedding as DIY bridal bridesmaid bouquets,reception centerpieces, pew bows, Prom, wrist corsage,event,birthday gift
  • Bunch of real like gypsophila to enhance garden, veranda,balcony, patio,hanging basket, living room, dining table, bedroom, windowsill, bookshelf, festival, party decor
  • Unlike brittle dried or fresh flowers, this faux gypsophila is made with plastic and iron wire stems, sturdy and no fall

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Bunch of real touch artificial Baby Breath present greenery of lush green leaves and beauty of delicate cream petal for any occasion centerpieces .
compared to real plants or dried flower, it is wired and more flexible for adjusting to get perfect presentation, perfect for DIY flower
arrangements, living room, kitchen decor, dining table, bedroom bookshelf ornament.

Made with UV resistant plastic, it is can be outside decor in garden, porch, party, bridal bouquets, wedding centerpiece, waterproof and reusable .

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New Original Poison Ivy Painting, ACEO Cards

Hi Everybody!

Three exciting items of news today! Firstly - A New Original "Poison Ivy" Framed Original from my Poisonous Beauties series is now up for auction on eBay! Secondly - New ACEO Cards (some of which feature paintings you may not have seen before! And thirdly - the GIVEAWAY Contest continues for the new USA Edition of my Oracle of Shadows & Light! Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of this update to see everything!

"Poisonous Beauties IV: Poison Ivy" ORIGINAL Now on eBay!

NEW Original Painting featuring "Poison Ivy"

14"x12" FRAMED Original Acrylic Painting on Masonite Panel

The fourth installment in my Poisonous Beauties series - a series of works featuring portraits of faery creatures and various poisonous plants! #4 in this series of course features the Poison Ivy plant! I've never suffered negative effects from poison ivy, but I know folks who have and it can be awful! Still lovely though - and so is this pretty fairy girl - maybe a little too lovely to trust.... My own original acrylic painting. You can see it with all the lovely detail photos below. This is the ORIGINAL ACRYLIC PAINTING and yes it is FRAMED - and what a GORGEOUS frame - antique finish with an elegant baroque or Rococo appeal - framed it measures 14" high by 12.5" wide - an original acrylic painting on masonite panel - all ready to hang - the antiqued golden frame really sets off the beautiful piece. Bidding starts at ONE PENNY for this framed original painting - she is up for a 10 day auction ending at 7:28PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, April 3rd HERE:

Poisonous Beauties IV: "Poison Ivy" ORIGINAL PAINTING is HERE

Prefer a print or poster? Poison Ivy is now available as a poster up at Zazzle! All sizes for all budgets, from 6" to 6 feet!

"Poison Ivy" Prints & Posters are on...

How to Care for an Oleander Plant over the Winter

In case you don't live in a warm winter climate, here are some guidelines to keeping your oleander plant alive during the colder months.

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  1. San Diego Veterinarian Warns Pet Owners About Poisonous Plants
    Ingestion of other popular flowering plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons can lead to coma and cardiovascular collapse. Oleander, cyclamen, and kalanchoe plants, which are all popular in the area, are also very poisonous to pets and can cause a
  2. Clear Lake dog owner learns of plant's toxicity the hard way
    Dogs can chew the roots, eat the seeds or any part of the plant and become poisoned.” Garner said pollen dust on the plant can kill people who trim it and although there are several toxic plants in the area such as lantana, oleander and castor,
  3. Today's THV Author harvests the garden's dark secrets
    Stewart says many of the plants she included are familiar, "like daphne and oleander. In Chicago I found some beautiful deadly flowers, like castor bean and datura, growing in public parks and even spilling out of window boxes at the library.
  4. Houston Chronicle (blog) Azaleas, oleanders, Jane Long & lazy gardeners!
    Nothing is more frustrating for a gardening writer than when a reader writes asking for a particular plant. No way can we keep up with the inventories of all the nurseries around Houston . . . much less which ones are still in business or which new
  5. Anniston Star Plants know best: Does a new gardening map reflect climate change?
    I'ma survival champion, and I'm proud of the fact that I can get some plants to survive in areas where they aren't supposed to live. But for the average gardener, that's much more difficult.” Connor was fortunate in that the half-dozen or so oleander

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  1. Learned something about Oleander. Highly toxic to dogs. Poco throwing up all night. Time to discard plant @cesarmillan http://t.co/C1MBbfwI


  1. The extract of oleander is prepared from the toxic plant. So, it should be kept in mind that when you try to prepare this extract, it should be done under the guidance of an expert.
  2. The Oleander plant is easy to grow and can be used as a bush, a tree or as a hedge. Oleander is low maintenance but toxic, so should be avoided in gardens with children.

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  1. Poison Path Resource Guide: Wicked Plants By Amy Stewart
    Many poisonous plants have played a prominent role in the shaping of human ... the genus contains sweet smelling shrubs like its cousin Oleander. It is commonly called Suicide Tree because of the frequency with which the heart-stopping fruit is used ...
  2. Plants That Kill
    The latter ornamental plant is an evergreen, so it and other evergreens remain toxic year-round because they never lose their leaves. Between 10 and 15 ounces of yew leaves are sufficient to kill a 1,000-pound horse. Oleander is a leafy, flowering drought ...
  3. Central Texas plant landscapes can go ‘thirsty,’ thrive
    Plants such as oleander and anacacho orchid performed best in all four of the watering scenarios. Truong and the study’s other authors recommend planting groups of plants that have similar reactions to water stress to help reduce water waste, avoid plant ...
flowers bougainvillea oleander plantsspringgardenflorida
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flowers oleander plantsspringgardenflorida
Photo by RevNaomi on Flickr

pink flowers india flower macro nature canon bombay maharashtra mumbai oleander kaner powai hiranandani a540 kabirei chevarali hs700 flowersbeauty flickrdiamond flowerpicturesnolimits
Common name: Oleander, Kaner कनेर (Hindi), Kabirei (Manipuri), Chevarali செவ்வரளி (Tamil) Botanical name: Nerium Oleander (syn. Nerium indicum) - [ (NER-ee-um) from the Greek nerion (Oleander); (oh-lee-AN-der) or...
Photo by Himanshu Sarpotdar on Flickr

Oleander - Plant Categories - The Tortoise table
Oleander - Plant Categories - The Tortoise table