Nearly Natural 6025 Nasturtium Silk Hanging Basket, Multicolored

by Nearly Natural
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Price: $37.12
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  • Pot Size 10w x 6h
  • Crafted with quality and detail in mind
  • Complete with decorative hanging basket

Product description

One of nature's most interesting (and beautiful). plants, this lovingly crafted Nasturtium has it all – 261 leaves, 21 flowers and 18 buds, all in a beautiful 10" hanging basket. Made with finest materials, this incredible plant is forever captured in its most striking state and will bring you pleasure for decades.

Artificial 26" Orange Nasturtium Trailing Bush

by House of Silk Flowers
Price: $22.49
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  • Artificial nasturtium trailing bush
  • Orange color
  • Bush only, no planter, pot or vase

Product description

This artificial nasturtium bush is perfect for placement in a vase of your choice. It is 26" from the bottom of the bundle to the tallest flower tip and features vibrant orange blooms. Measurements are approximate and will be determined by your final shaping of the item upon unpacking it. This is the bush only, and does not come with a vase.

Life is a bit more than that, Part 2

Despite all that had happened, I didn’t realize that my ‘alternative’ American Dream was beginning when we moved here. Honestly, once the concrete slab and footings were installed, proper paperwork signed and the home was set down here, there was so much work to do to make it liveable again. The guys who moved it were half the price of everyone else, which is all we could afford. They told us that we could leave all of our furniture and belongings in the home, and just to nail the cupboards shut to keep everything from flying out of them during the move. We did what they told us because we figured they knew what they were doing. However, because of the weight of the home plus all the belongings, one of the trailer’s back tires ended up catching fire, burning a part of our bathroom floor. Thank God, the whole thing didn’t go up in smoke along with all of our possessions. The worst of it wasn’t the scorched floor, though–it was the huge mess of dirt inside of the home that came from I-have-no-idea-where. I was here daily for two weeks straight cleaning up and basically waiting until our utilities could be connected—and avoiding our two creepy mobile home movers like the plague whose topic of conversation often centered around prostitutes from Pahrump (eww). Some start of an American Dream. Yet, it was all ours, to do with what we would.

Once here and settled in, my strong desire to carry out the scenario in my dream waned. Todd did till the extremely hard soil and plant grass and a few trees for aesthetics, and made our property look nice up front, but everywhere else it was really pretty unkempt and unworked. All that was here before our little abode were massive tumbleweeds and very hard ground, which added to the less-than-fun reality of working the land. We left it alone for the time being.

As for me, I was a young-ish mother with two young children facing the daunting task of homeschooling our first child. I was busy, and had no time to...

Nasturtium flowers growing, Wild edibles, Plant as a trap crop for insects

Nasturtiums are a very amazing plant! Take a look at those bright colored flowers and thos lily pad like leaves. The leaves and flowers of the nasturtium are both edible if you DO NOT use pesticides. Nasturtiums like to be grown in poor soil condition which helps them produce more flowers. Too...

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  1. Johnny Spero's Suna hints at good things to come
    By Tim Carman Short ribs with banana, nasturtium and black garlic. (Tim Carman/The Washington Post) Word is that chef Johnny Spero and his merry gang of hospitality hipsters — Toki Underground's Erik Bruner-Yang and Acqua al 2's Ari Gejdenson,
  2. Container gardens can be simple, colorful, edible
    Finally, choose one or more plants that will cascade over the edges of the container, such as thyme, nasturtiums or peppermint. Of course it's always easiest to keep it simple. What could be cheerier than a simple pot of cheery nasturtium blooms to
  3. Garden Checklist: It's time to prep your garden
    In the flower garden, plant aster, celosia, cosmos, larkspur, nasturtium, nicotiana, portulaca, salvia, snapdragon, verbena and zinnia. • Weed, weed, weed. Get them out before they go to seed. According to local master gardeners, the most common weeds
  4. Sow easy
    Cup of Sun nasturtium ($2.79 for packet of about 40 seeds from Renee's Garden; Nasturtiums aren't just a bunch of pretty faces. Both the leaves and blossoms are edible, packed with a powerful yet pleasant peppery bite.
  5. Plant annuals with no apologies
    What would a garden be without the flat lily-pad leaves and cheerful flowers of nasturtiums, the luminous color of lisianthus or the bright, bold gazania flowers closing up when a cloud covers the sun, then opening again when the light returns?

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  1. 1/2 Pound Nasturtium Bulk Wildflower Seeds (Tropaeolum Majus): Nasturtium, also known as Indian Cress, is an ann...
  2. First nasturtium flower, grown from seed! Excited
  3. RT @DunkTheJunkFood: @Treegrubber @GeorgiaOrganics @CNNFitNation sneak peak from the Children's Book...psyched for some GA nasturtium...#CNN
  4. RT @DunkTheJunkFood: @Treegrubber @GeorgiaOrganics @CNNFitNation sneak peak from the Children's Book...psyched for some GA nasturtium...#CNN
  5. @Treegrubber @GeorgiaOrganics @CNNFitNation sneak peak from the Children's Book...psyched for some GA nasturtium...#CNN


  1. Watercress Nasturtium. The quality articles are selected related closely with topic Watercress Nasturtium
  2. Nearly everyone that has spent anytime in a garden has grown a Nasturtium. And today’s foodies, salad lovers, and veg eaters know the tangy, peppery taste of the seeds, leaves and flowers are one of the best in the edibles category, likewise most gardeners know they are one of the best pest...
  3. Close up of the centre of an orange nasturtium flower (family Tropaeolum).

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  1. Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada January 2017 Outturn – Scotch Whsky News
    Prosecco, sponge fingers in strawberry jelly, perfume and Mojito aromas. Water made it lightly floral (nasturtium), dusty (hay and sherbet lemons) and summery (Victoria sponge and fruit squash). Light and milky flavours – lemon meringue pie and a fruit ...
  2. Recipes: Ricotta-stuffed nasturtium blooms, stir-fried paua, and wild weed pesto
    If you're connecting to fishing types, you'll be in clover with regular deliveries from the deep. If, like me, you have an unruly and overgrown garden, you'll be knee-deep in oxalis, nasturtiums, and self-seeding parsley instead. Here's how to put them all ...
  3. The difficult journey from farm to fork
    The stuff that arrives is a riot of colours - there's passion fruit, heirloom tomatoes, green strawberries, jicama (Mexican turnip), nasturtium flowers, and garlic chives. Chef Alex Sanchez. Pic/Datta Although exotic sounding, all this produce comes to the ...
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Dbl Gleam Mixed Colors Nasturtium Seeds and Plants, Annual Flower ...
Dbl Gleam Mixed Colors Nasturtium Seeds and Plants, Annual Flower ...
like nasturtiums chopped up and mixed with butter and chives too.
like nasturtiums chopped up and mixed with butter and chives too.
Growing Edible Nasturtiums
Growing Edible Nasturtiums