ORGANIC WHOLE CALENDULA FLOWERS 4 OZ Bag (Marigold) – USDA CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC and KOSHER – Herbal Tea (Calendula Officinalis), Caffeine Free Irradiation Free Bulk Bag

Price: $8.00

  • USDA CERTIFIED 100% ORGANIC, Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten free, All Natural Whole Calendula Flowers.
  • ORIGIN: United States. MEASUREMENT: Approximate 5 cups to 4 oz bag
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: Mildly sweet, sometimes peppery. Goes well with other florals,citrus peel, vanilla, black pepper and warm spices.

Outsidepride Marigold Flower Seed Mix - 1000 Seeds

Outsidepride Marigold Flower Seed Mix - 1000 Seeds

Price: $5.69

  • Low growing Marigolds are quick to bloom and quick to attract pollinators during the entire flowering season; however, they do not attract deer!
  • This marigold seed mix is a surefire way to add an easy to grow dwarf marigold to your flower garden, container, or raised bed. Removed fading petals to ensure an even longer blooming period.
  • These heirloom, non-gmo seeds are quick to germinate when seeds are kept continually moist in full sun. These flowers are a natural pest deterrent and can enhance the growth of other plants.

5 Pack Artificial Orange Marigold Flower Garlands 5 ft Long- for use in Parties, Celebrations, Indian Weddings, Indian Themed Event, Decorations, House Warming, Photo Prop, Diwali, Ganesh Fest

Price: $13.99

  • WARNING!!! If you do not order from MARIGOLD LIFE your products will take over 1 month to arrive to your home or business. For events at home and away Our Flower Decorations can be used for parties, Indian weddings, bridal showers, Indian celebrations, Diwali, baby showers, birthdays, Hawaiian party Decorations, Hawaiian Garlands, or any special event
  • Realistic Artificial Flowers. They're sturdy enough to just stuff them in your decoration box when you're done - keep a set around for whenever you might need them!
  • The artificial Marigold Garland Flowers are PLASTIC. They are made from a recycled material very similar to a plastic bag in India. The garland will come compact when shipped, however when proper directions are followed your garlands will come out looking like the pictures of the Garland. If you have any questions about how to prepare the garland please email us directly and as always to ensure product quality and color match make sure you are buying from MARIGOLD LIFE when making your purchase!

PERIPHERY - Marigold (Official Music Video)

Periphery III: Select Difficulty // OUT NOW iTunes: Amazon: GooglePlay:

Observer Premiere: Listen to 'Captain Marigold' Off of Acid Carousel's New EP - Dallas Observer

For the last year and a half, Denton psychedelic outfit Acid Carousel has been dazzling audiences with its whimsical brand of rock 'n' roll, which draws influence from a variety of bands, ranging from the Damned to the Shangri-Las.

This Friday, the band's new EP, Street Cowboys, will be available for purchase on Bandcamp. Ahead of the release, the Observer is premiering...


  1. Plants. In the genus Calendula: . Common marigold, Calendula officinalis (also called pot marigold, ruddles, or Scotch marigold) In the genus Tagetes: . African marigold or Aztec marigold, Tagetes erecta French marigold, Tagetes patula Mexican marigold, Tagetes lucida Signet marigold, Tagetes tenuifolia Cape marigold (disambiguation), referring to several species
  2. Depending on the species, marigold foliage has a musky, pungent scent, though some varieties have been bred to be scentless. It is said to deter some common insect pests, as well as nematodes. Tagetes species are hence often used in companion planting for tomato, eggplant, chili pepper, tobacco, and potato.Due to antibacterial thiophenes exuded by the roots, Tagetes should not be planted near ...
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