Magnolia grandiflora - Southern Magnolia Tree in small pot

Price: $12.95

  • Choose priority shipping which includes a Heat Pack if you live in a cold climate
  • Plants are very young and are starter plants. See pictures.
  • Large creamy white saucer shaped flowers that are 8 inches wide.

Saucer Magnolia ‘Magnolia Soulangeana’ – 2 ft Tall Tree/Shrub - One Gallon Healthy Potted Plant – 1 Plant by Growers Solution

Price: $16.95

  • Magnolia trees produces beautiful flowers, perfect for cutting to accent any room. Stunning pink blossoms that look "like a thousand porcelain goblets".
  • Can be trained to grow as a shrub or small tree with multiple stems or single trunk.
  • Images shown as grown plants and trees. Hardiness zones 4 - 9

Southern Magnolia Tree - Live Plants Shipped 1-2 Feet Tall (No California)

Price: $23.95

  • Now is the time to transplant! Cooler temperatures and more rainfall provide a smooth transition for the plants. This gives you a head start on a spring and summer of production. Don't wait for hot weather to add stress to the transplanting process!
  • Size shipped: 1-2 feet tall, single trunks in full gallon containers with soilless media and a 9 month slow release fertilizer.
  • Classic evergreen magnolia that everyone knows and loves.

Jane Magnolia Tree - Magnolia liliflora Healthy Established Roots 1 Trade Gallon by Growers Solution

Price: $16.95

  • You are purchasing one Jane Magnolia Tree in a one gallon trade pot 3 - 4 feet tall. In stock and ready for immediate shipping.
  • Occasional flowers all summer long. Flowering Tree/shrub, deciduous, showy flowers, can be trained as a small tree or shrub.
  • Brighten your spring with its cup-shaped blossoms on bare branches, before becoming a charming leafy tree for the summer.

The Magnolia Company, Beautifully Packaged Southern Magnolia Sympathy Gift Tree. SOLD IN NATURAL BURLAP WITH ELEGANT RIBBON GIFT BOX INCLUDED.

Price: $64.00

  • THE MAGNOLIA COMPANY SYMPATHY TREE GIFTS are a symbol of hope and a new day coming! CUSTOMIZED OPTIONS ARE AVAILABLE FOR A UNIQUE GIFT MESSAGE and EVEN AN ENGRAVED TREE TAG. Review these gift tree options to make this the perfect gift for your loved ones.
  • This THRIVING MAGNOLIA TREE GIFT Grows into a mature tree 60' to 70' tall with a 40' Spread. Magnolia Blooms form on the tree from Spring into the Summer with CREAMY WHITE FLOWERS adding a LEMON - LIME FRAGRANCE to the recipient's landscape. This is an iconic evergreen tree which will not lose its' broad evergreen leaves during the cold winter months! The prolific red seeds in the fall are a source of food for migrating songbirds during the months from september and october.
  • A BEAUTIFUL GIFT TREE - RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! This healthy magnolia tree is the perfect gift for any remembrance gift occasion. Gift occasions like new baby, housewarming, birthday or pet sympathy gifts - this tree gift will be a great gift for all occasions.

How to Garden Magnolia Trees : Garden Savvy

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Removal of historic White House magnolia proves trees don't live forever - Chicago Tribune

It was a sad day in December when the historic Jackson Magnolia on the White House grounds had to be cut down after 19 decades. The three-story-tall tree, which was planted in 1828 by President Andrew Jackson in memory of his late wife, was severely decayed, and its structure was so compromised that it would be dangerous to leave it standing, according to arborists from the U.S. National...

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  2. Tyler Morning Telegraph Dr. Garden was correct; the magnolia is indeed a superb evergreen
    This stateliest of evergreen trees is native from East Texas to North Carolina and can reach an immense size (up to 100 feet) on deep river bottom soils in the wild. For early American naturalists and gardeners, to see this tree, with its large glossy
  3. Noticing black deposits on your magnolia? It might be the magnolia scale insect
    Question for Dan Gill: I have a Japanese magnolia tree that appears to have a problem. I first noticed a black deposit on the leaves and branches. Looking closely, I see small waxy yellow blobs along the branches. Can you tell me what is going on and
  4. Arkansas Online Contractor sought to replace iconic southern magnolias along Hot Springs' Bathhouse Row
    Magnolia trees were first planted on Bathhouse Row in 1894 to provide shade for the bath houses and for the sidewalk, Tom Hill, museum curator for the national park, said in an email. More magnolias were added in 1914 to fill any gaps between the
  5. Arkansas Online 10 iconic southern magnolia trees to be removed from Hot Springs' Bathhouse Row
    Visitors to Hot Springs National Park will soon notice chainsaws being taken to a number of the iconic southern magnolia trees lining Bathhouse Row, the Hot Springs Sentinel-Record reported on Tuesday. Ten of the trees are slated to be cut down by the


  1. Magnolia is a large genus of about 210 flowering plant species in the subfamily Magnolioideae of the family Magnoliaceae.It is named after French botanist Pierre Magnol.. Magnolia is an ancient genus.
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