National Tree 48 Inch Magnolia Tree in Black Round Base (RAS-BP12706MP)

by National Tree
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Price: $50.14
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  • 48 inch height
  • White Magnolia flowers
  • For indoor or covered outdoor display

Product description

This potted plant features bright blooms of white Magnolia flowers atop long flowing branch stems. Mixed in are green leaves along with unopened flower buds for added natural appeal. It is seated in a weighted round growers pot base with matte black finish. This artificial plant appears to be living yet requires no maintenance, water or sunlight. Can be displayed in indoor or covered outdoor locations.

Everlasting Glow 93757 24L Magnolia Table Top Tree, 4.33" L x 4.33" W x 23.6" H, 6 Piece

by The Gerson Company
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  • Intended for indoor use only, this beautiful tree is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • This gorgeous tree sits firmly on a sturdy and stable plastic base
  • Includes a convenient timer feature to conserve electricity: 6-hours on/18-hours off

Product description

This charming tree is the perfect addition to your own unique decorative theme. Ideal for holidays and those special Get-Togethers with friends and family, or simply for year-round decorating in your home, this gorgeous Magnolia tree is brightly illuminated with 24 warm white, energy efficient LED lights. Set firmly on a sturdy, stable plastic base this eye-catching tree has a convenient timer function to Conserve energy and is battery-powered (not included). intended for indoor use only and the perfect centerpiece for any table top, you'll years of pleasure from this beautiful and alluring Magnolia tree.

Suddenly spring, and Northeast Ohio is blooming (video) - Plain Dealer

Here's advice on protecting plants, flowers and trees from fickle weather, from R.J. Laverne of the Davey Tree Expert Co.:

  • Give plants a good watering. That will give plants or trees energy to push out new leaves if the early ones are destroyed in a late snow. Flowers can't be saved if they are killed by frost, but they are less important than leaves.
  • Mulch around tree roots and shrubs to protect roots from cold nights and keep moisture in soil. But avoid the dreaded "mulch volcano," which happens when mulch is piled high against a tree trunk and promotes disease. Keep a space between the trunk and the mulch, and spread mulch about 3 inches thick.
  • Place burlap, bedsheets or geotextile sheets over low shrubs, plants and small trees to protect them from a hard frost. Don't use plastic because it will keep oxygen from reaching plants.
  • Resist the temptation to plant annuals or vegetables early. The threat of frost lasts until Memorial Day.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Spring is in an awfully big hurry this year.

Unseasonably warm March weather triggered exuberant dogwood, elegant weeping cherry trees, cheery forsythia and bobbing daffodils that seemed to pop up overnight.

"Sadly, spring has sprung -- all at once," Charlene Crowley of Eastside Landscaping in Shaker Heights wrote in an email. "Our usual languid progression has been condensed into one week." She described how the rapid spring unfolded:

"The weekend: The forsythias and daffodils sprang into action and joined the hellebore and vinca minor. The cherries followed on [March 19], which was stunning enough but then [March 21] magnolias opened in the morning, followed by amelanchiers, hyacinths and pears by midday! It seemed that they literally opened before my eyes as I drove from one appointment to the next."

Cuyahoga County Master Gardeners reported seeing redbuds, magnolias, hellebores, crocuses, azaleas, pear...

Little Gem Magnolia Tree

Little Gem Magnolia Tree, Magnolia Grandiflora 'Little Gem', Magnolia Grandiflora 'Little Gem' Trees are beautiful and better suited near buildings and sidewalks where larger Magnolias would grow too large. The flowering of the Little Gem Magnolia tree begins at an early age, and...

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  1. Nashville Tree Foundation holding largest tree contest
    A Dawn Redwood on Wimpole Drive, one of the winners nominated last year in the Nashville Tree Foundation's annual Big Old Tree contest. / Nashville Tree Foundation A Magnolia on Overton Lea Road nominated last year in the Nashville Tree Foundation's
  2. Suddenly spring, and Northeast Ohio is blooming (video)
    Cuyahoga County Master Gardeners reported seeing redbuds, magnolias, hellebores, crocuses, azaleas, pear trees, early crab apples and lilacs coming out last week in Rocky River and Cleveland Heights. Experts say that the spring growing season arrived
  3. Uproar over uprooting tree at South Church
    When the tree is cut down, its wood will be offered to artisans and given away as firewood. Church officials also plan to make offering bowls out of the timber. Planted in its place will be a smaller magnolia tree. Jablonski said, because the tree's
  4. Mississippi Press (blog) Gautier magnolia tree falls from storm; It was the third largest in Mississippi
    By Cherie Ward - The Mississippi Press View full sizeA tree thought to be the third largest magnolia in Mississippi came crashing down Thursday, March 22, 2012 on Graveline Road. It was most like a casualty of 3 days of pounding winds and Thursday
  5. This year, Mother Nature is just marching along
    That is because of the fact that the growing season is underway in much of our region, with buds on fruit trees and many flowers and shrubs in bloom. By now, many magnolia blooms are already lying on the ground, marking an early end to their flowering

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  1. @Gabbs2194 Me and @erinfables almost came and played in the magnolia tree in your yard the other day. I've always wanted to!
  2. PicStory: Under the Tree. TINA'S PICSTORY. These two sit under the Magnolia tree. I assume he whispers sweet...
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  4. Magnolia tree on our afternoon walk
  5. Big ass tree done fell on Magnolia


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  1. Beautiful saucer magnolia buds spared, opening now
    My saucer magnolia tree had begun to bud before the recent freezing temperatures. The buds appear to be damaged. Does this mean that the trees won’t bloom this year? Answer: According to Dalton Durio at Durio Nursery, the buds that were showing color at ...
  2. Auburn Offensive Coordinator Search Update
    Herb Hand hasn't been mentioned at all. Chip Lindsey and Eliah Drinkwitz were mentioned early on, but word leaked out that Gus Malzahn is looking beyond his "coaching tree" for people with new ideas. So, where do we stand right now, then? The three biggest ...
  3. President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning’s Sentence
    by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images. Michelle Obama and Malia add a symbolic shovelful of dirt atop a gift of two magnolia trees and a bench, at a small park beside Ruben Martinez Villena public library in Plaza de las Armas, Old Havana, Cuba. By Rebecca ...
ontario portcredit canonsd700is magnoliatreeblossoms
It was raining lightly as I took one of my 'walklets' today. I couldn't resist snapping these magnolia blossoms
Photo by Gene Wilburn on Flickr

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Magnolia Tree
Photo by Iguanasan on Flickr

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japanese magnolia
Photo by TfUnQ on Flickr

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The Little Gem Magnolia is the ultimate dwarf tree. Developed by ...
The Little Gem Magnolia is the ultimate dwarf tree. Developed by ...