Locust Trees

(9/24/05)-Host Steve Owens talks about the honey locust and black locust trees.

Union: Steps Taken to Save Locust Tree - The Missourian

A crew with Craig’s Tree Service recently worked to trim limbs from a locust tree at the Union Fairgrounds. A cabling system to add support also was installed to try and help save the tree, which was in poor condition and flagged for possible removal. Craig’s Tree Service recommended saving the tree, but also planted two other trees in case it is unsuccessful and to provide additional...


  1. Locust tree can mean: Any of a number of tree species in the genera Gleditsia or Robinia, including: Honey locust, (Gleditsia triacanthos), a leguminous tree with pods having a sweet, edible pulp Black locust, (Robinia pseudoacacia), a leguminous tree with toxic pods Water locust, (Gleditsia aquatica), a leguminous tree with one seed per pod.
  2. A mature black locust tree produces numerous branches, and has a dark and deeply furrowed bark. One of the characteristic features of this tree is the short, prickly thorns that are located at the base of the leaves. The thorns of black locust trees are short, when compared to that of honey locusts.
  3. The honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos), also known as the thorny locust, is a deciduous tree in the Fabaceae family, native to central North America where it is mostly found in the moist soil of river valleys. Honey locust is highly adaptable to different environments, has been introduced worldwide, and is an aggressive invasive species.
  4. The pods of the honey locust tree are also eaten by wild forest animals like rabbits, deer, squirrels, and birds too. These were some interesting honey locust tree facts. So go ahead, plant this wonderful golden tree and your garden will definitely win some envious looks.
  5. Well, that isn’t the case for all locust trees. The honey locust is a non-nitrogen producing legume and may require regular annual fertilization with a balanced fertilizer. The other locust tree varieties, especially black locust, do fix nitrogen, thus are not in need of as much, if any, fertilization. Locust Tree Varieties
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I think it is a honey locust tree. McFarland Park near Ames.
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