Persian Lime Tree - Fruit Bearing Size/Branched - 8" Pot - Indoors/Out

by Hirt's Gardens
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  • Limes are often used to accent the flavours of foods and beverages
  • Hardy in zones 10, patio or indoors. Loves the sun.
  • Easy to grow

Product description

Persian limes are also known as Tahiti limes. This variety has unknown origins but is suspected to be a hybrid of the Mexican lime and citron, a huge, yellow-green, lumpy lemon. Botanists believe this variety was introduced to the Mediterranean area via Persia (now known as Iran). It was carried to Brazil by Portuguese traders, and eventually made it to California in the latter half of the 1800s. Today, Florida is the largest grower of Persian limes, producing 90 percent of the U.S. crop, most of which is used for making fresh juice and canned or frozen juice concentrate. The Persian lime tree produces thicker-skinned fruit larger than the Key lime which keeps longer. These good traits make it a preferable commercial crop. The fruit is oval-shaped, about the same size as a lemon, with a vivid green peel which turns yellow when ripe. The Persian lime is the variety most commonly found in grocery stores. It is usually seedless, and has light-green to yellow pulp which is tender and acidic, yet lacking the distinctive bouquet of the Key lime. It can be used interchangably for the same purposes as Key limes and lemons, and is often used as a substitute for vinegar. Lime juice may be used to clean lime deposits from the interiors of coffee pots and tea kettles. Homeopathically, lime juice has also been used effectively to relieve the effects of stinging coral. Size shipped: Growing in 8" pot, about 12-14" tall. Fruiting size. We cannot ship citrus to; American Samoa, Arizona, California, Florida, Guam, Hawaii, Lousiana, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, Texas, Virgin Islands as per USDA Regulations.

KI Store 24ct Christmas Ball Ornaments Shatterproof Christmas Decorations Tree Balls Pastel SMALL for Holiday Wedding Party Decoration, Tree Ornaments Hooks included 1.57” (40mm Lime Green)

by KI Store
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  • Christmas decoration balls are made of thicker high quality plastic and more sophisticated processing in 2017, They are dazzling even you watch close up.
  • These shatterproof Christmas tree balls are combine the beauty and luster of real glass with the unbreakable practicality of plastic. Ideal for families with kids and pets. Set you free from worrying about them getting hurt and glass shards everywhere.
  • KI Store Christmas ball ornaments set make great addition to your Christmas and holiday decoration. Perfect home decor for a variegated display of Christmas, wedding, engagement, anniversary, party, as hanging ornaments on tree branches, table centerpieces, around banister, above reception at different lengths, etc. It is also a great choice for commercial holiday decorations.

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KI Store is proud to provide quality Christmas ornaments to complement almost any themed Christmas decoration with the perfect ornament!

We are offering Christmas ornament, Christmas ball or Christmas bulb, or Xmas tree decorations, we are continually updating and adding to our ornament collection so check back often for new items!

Product quality and customers satisfaction are our top priority. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, or questions about any of our products or the quality of service that you are given.

IVY LANE DESIGNS: My Favorite Things: Kaffir Lime Tree

Martha Stewart had purchased her Meyer lemon trees from a local grower (local to her), and that was good enough for me.  I gave Martha+Meyer lemon trees a google and came up with Logee's in Danielson, CT.  Logee's carries kaffir lime trees, so I placed an order ( HERE) and in a little over a week my miniature tree arrived.  Now, My name is Merrill and I'm an East Coast girl bent on bringing more beauty and happiness into our daily lives, in a way that helps the planet. Ivy Lane Designs is my imaginative outlet. When I'm not crafting using recyclables for my Etsy shop (click on the orange Etsy icon above), I'm busy raising my two kids and making a home in the pretty Pennsylvania countryside near Philadelphia.

Lime Tree- Trevor Hall.

The lime tree by trevor hall. Just song.

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lime tree branches winter
..against a grey winter sky.
Photo by *Tom* on Flickr

sweden uppsala lind limetree ringgatan
Photo by Barbro_Uppsala on Flickr

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