Eclectic Lady's Mantle O, Red, 2 Fluid Ounce

Eclectic Lady's Mantle O, Red, 2 Fluid Ounce

Price: $16.80

  • Suggested use as a dietary compliment
  • Retains naturally occurring constituents in the whole fruit and leaf
  • Benefits female support

Starwest Botanicals Organic Lady's Mantle Herb C/S, 1 Pound

Price: $30.99

  • Origin: Croatia
  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Kosher Certified

Starwest Botanicals Organic Lady's Mantle Herb C/S, 4 Ounces

Price: $10.50

  • cGMP Compliant (current Good Manufacturing Practices)
  • Origin: Croatia
  • Latin/Botanical Name: Alchemilla vulgaris

Lady's Mantle Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Organic Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) Dried Herb Glycerite Hawaii Pharm Natural Herbal Supplement 2 oz

Price: $19.95

  • Highest Strength Lady's Mantle Alcohol-FREE liquid extract! To purchase an Alcohol-based version of this extract please follow this link: (Copy and Paste the Link into a Browser Address Bar).
  • High Quality Lady's Mantle Alcohol-FREE liquid extract - we use classic conventional methods of extraction! We meticulously produce our extracts according to precise standards where each herb is extracted according to the distinct characteristic of each plant!
  • We strictly use Only Certified or ethically sourced wild harvested raw material, vegetable palm glycerin and crystal clear artesian purified water! Really the BEST Lady's Mantle herbal glycerite on market! Made with love for plants and respect for Nature!

Lady's Mantle Alcohol-Free Liquid Extract, Organic Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) Dried Herb Tincture Supplement (2 FL OZ)

Price: $18.99

  • All Natural Herbal Supplements, GMO FREE, VEGAN, MADE IN USA
  • Organic Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla vulgaris) Dried Herb
  • Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Tincture Supplement

Female Fertility - Alchemilla Mollis - Lady's Mantle Alchemilla Mollis is a beautiful perennial herbaceous plant that is beneficial for female fertility. With many other health promoting properties, it is ideal...

Natural Remedies for Painful Menstruation - Business Standard

During menstruation a little pain and discomfort is normal but some women experience excessive menstrual cramps and real painful menstruation, the said condition is known as Dysmenorrhea. For some women the period of menstruation every month can be a real inconvenient one with pain in the lower abdomen or the lower back and more. During monthly periods pain in the lower abdomen or the lower...

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  2. Kitsap Sun Dazzling, deer-resistant daffodils
    Daffodils persist best when allowed to ripen their foliage fully, so plant them where the browning leaves aren't going to annoy you. It helps to intersperse them with drought-resistant perennials such as lady's mantle (Alchemilla mollis). This sturdy
  3. A deer, a raccoon and a rabbit enter a garden: Margaret Pinter (Opinion)
    Lambs ear (Stachys), lady's mantle (Alchemilla), heliotrope and yarrow (Achillea) are all no-brainer, deer-resistant plants. And they look beautiful in my garden. And there's a cottontail rabbit that visits daily, both early in the morning and just
  4. The Ellsworth American Gardener's journey began at age 13
    The perennials might include astilbe, phlox, lady's mantle, lily of the valley, rose campion, Jacob's ladder, joe-pye weed and catnip. She also may have herbs including chives, oregano, fennel and lemon balm. If your garden isn't as welcoming for
  5. The Nerd Daily (blog) A Discovery of Witches Recap: Episode 1.03
    Diana approaches him as she trusts him before he grabs her and says she smells of willow sap, chamomile honey, frankincense, and lady's mantle—”ancient things he thought he'd all but forgotten”. She turns to him and slowly brings her lips to his and


  1. Lady’s mantle is easy to grow. Typically, the plant grows well in regions with cool summers and moist, fertile soil and is hardy in USDA plant hardiness zones 3-7. While it can tolerate full sun, lady’s mantle performs better in shade when grown in warmer regions.
  2. Lady’s Mantle is a long-lived perennial flower that is fairly low maintenance and blends well with other spring bloomers. Lady’s Mantle plants form a nice sized clump, although they will also self-seed in many gardens.
  3. Alchemilla is a genus of herbaceous perennial plants in the family Rosaceae, with the common name "lady's mantle" applied generically as well as specifically to Alchemilla mollis when referred to as garden plant, the plant used as herbal tea or for medicinal usage such as gynaecological disorders is Alchemilla xanthochlora or in Middle Europe the so-called common lady's mantle Alchemilla vulgaris.
  4. Lady's mantle is a perennial herb with a short rhizome carrying ascending or sprawling stems, and a rosette of basal leaves with dentate lobes of a circular or kidney-shaped outline. The inflorescence is a compound terminal cyme made up of dense clusters of small yellow-green flowers.
  5. Genus Alchemilla are perennials with palmately lobed basal leaves and sprays of tiny, yellow or greenish flowers Details A. mollis is an herbaceous perennial forming a clump of softly hairy, light green leaves with scalloped and toothed edges.
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Photo by Hindrik S on Flickr

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Lady's Mantle
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Waterdrops on Lady's Mantle
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