types of juniper trees

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Evil Stepmother, Reimagined - New York Times

By Barbara Comyns
177 pp. New York Review Books. Paper, $14.95.

“I have few happy memories of my mother,” the narrator tells us early on in “The Juniper Tree,” this reimagining of a famously savage Grimm fairy tale. “Not that she hurt me physically, the hurt was mental.” As Barbara Comyns’s novel unfolds, the hurt that mothers inflict...


  1. A juniper based spirit is made by fermenting juniper berries and water to create a "wine" that is then distilled. This is often sold as a juniper brandy in eastern Europe. Juniper berries are also used as the primary flavor in the liquor Jenever and sahti-style of beers.
  2. Juniper trees and shrubs are in the genus Juniperus in the cypress (Cupressaceae) family.These evergreen conifers feature leaves that can either be like needles or scales, and most of the species change from needle form to scale form as they mature.
  3. "The Juniper Tree" is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm. In some English language editions the story is called The Almond Tree. The text in the Grimm collection is in Low German and was originally written down by the painter Philipp Otto Runge.
  4. Juniper—which generally grows to no more than 3 to 4 feet high but can grow into a 30-foot tree—is usually a small tree or shrub that is abundant in cool, temperate areas throughout North America and, indeed, throughout the world.
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