National Tree 30 Inch Upright Juniper Tree in Green Round Plastic Pot (LCY4-30)

by National Tree - Drop Ship
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  • No need for dirt, water or sunlight
  • Resistant to animals and insects
  • For indoor or outdoor display

Product description

The 30-inch upright juniper tree comes in a round green pot. Great for areas that otherwise could not support live plantings. No dirt, water or sunlight needed.

Brussel's Green Mound Juniper Bonsai - Small - (Outdoor) - Not Sold in California

by Brussel's Bonsai
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  • SIZE: Your small bonsai comes in a 6" container.
  • AGE: This Green Mound Juniper Bonsai is 3 years old.
  • SPECIES: The Juniper is a low growing plant, producing lush greenery and small, firm, silvery blue berries atop interesting bark that adapts well to several creative forms of Bonsai bark manipulation.

Product description

Considered a very hardy conifer, the Juniper is a non-flowering tree that makes a great choice for bonsai because of it is so easy to prune and train. Originating from China, it is one of the most popular types of bonsai trees and is a firm favorite of many bonsai enthusiasts. The Juniper is a low growing plant, producing lush greenery and small, firm, silvery blue berries atop interesting bark that adapts well to several creative forms of Bonsai bark manipulation. This type of tree offers the choice of being able to grow it indoors or outdoors. Its compact foliage makes it one of the best candidates to become a Bonsai. Junipers grow slowly and are very long-lived. This Juniper will grow with outstanding beauty, remaining green throughout the year.

Each live plant is shipped with the Phytosanitary Certificate as required by the USDA.

The Bunnyman and His Tunnel | Underneath The Juniper Tree

After escaping, the man hid in a tunnel under a bridge where his demented demeanor caused him to continue his homicidal tendencies. It was discovered that he hung many people, and oddly enough, killed and mutilated bunnies, hanging them as well. Therefore he was nicknamed The Bunnyman . As he hid from authorities, locals allegedly began to find hundreds of cleanly skinned, half-eaten carcasses of rabbits hanging from the trees in the surrounding areas. Another search of the area was ordered and the police located the remains of Marcus Wallster, left in a similar fashion to the rabbit carcasses hanging under the bridge overpass—known locally as the “Bunny Man Bridge”—along the railroad tracks at Colchester Road. This confirmed that The Bunnyman was not just mutilating and hanging rabbits, but humans as well. Searchers looked for The Bunnyman and all they found were carcasses of rabbits. Eventually (common sense age calculation) The Bunnyman died, which his ghost confirmed. His spirit still haunts the tunnel. For years after The Bunnyman’s death, a figure has been reportedly seen by passersby making their way through the one lane bridge tunnel and sightings of people seen hanging from the bridge are still common. , 2007: I had a huge, important philosophy paper to present the next day in class and it was nearing one in the morning. Although Halloween was and is my favorite Holiday, I had to forfeit any fun for that night because my philosophy degree also meant a great deal to me. But after many many many messages and calls from friends (and a totally smokin’ hottie) I gave in and we headed to Bunny Man Bridge around two in the morning. Because boys are “brave” and girls are “wimps” the boys had convinced us to leave our cell phones, cameras, and flashlights in the cars, of which we had to turn the headlights off as well. It was utterly...

The Juniper Tree trailer

Trailer for Keene's movie The Juniper Tree

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    By Ben Salmon / The Bulletin In a field filled with flashy upstarts and relatively recent trends, in the end it was perhaps the most deeply rooted part of Central Oregon's culture — the modest but mighty Western juniper tree — that came out on top of
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    During my time with Mr Warren, Steve Salisian from LA was busy working away beside me. I thought I’d share his work here for you to see. The first tree is a Sabina Juniper with great deadwood and movement.
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yellowstone travertine mammothhotsprings junipertree
A juniper tree clinging to old travertine deposits above Palette Spring, Mammoth Hot Springs. (DSCN1250)
Photo by Desa Windsinger on Flickr

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A Juniper tree at the Jehricho vineyeard, North of Hopland.
Photo by Swift Benjamin on Flickr

colorado coloradonationalmonument grandjunction nationalmonument nps juniper tree berries
The junipers were filled with berries, and the wonderful smell of the trees pervaded all of the parks we visited on this vacation. They are just as wonderful to smell as a normal pine forest...
Photo by Giant Ginkgo on Flickr

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