National Tree 13 Inch Globe Japanese Holly Bush in Dark Green Round Plastic Pot (LJB4-13-1)

by National Tree - Drop Ship
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  • Resistant to animals and insects
  • No need for dirt, water or sunlight
  • For indoor or outdoor display

Product description

The globe japanese holly bush stands 13-inch tall and comes in a dark green pot. Perfect of areas that would not support live plantings. No dirt, water or sunlight needed.

13" Potted Artificial Japanese Holly Bush

by National Tree
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Product description

Product Features: 301 tips Boasts a realistic, hearty appearance For indoor or outdoor use Comes in a green, weighted plastic pot Dimensions: 13" high (from the base of the pot to the top of the plant) 13" base diameter (at widest point) Material(s): plastic


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Newtown CT Landscaper | How to Prune Japanese Holly | Prune Evergreen Shrubs (203) 270-9881 Please turn up your volume for this video when I am not talking right in front of the camera the volume is low. Landscape maintenance video about how to prune Japanese Holly (Ilex crenata) for optimum health and appearance. This garden maintenance method can be...

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  1. Beyond Washington's cherry trees, how did so many Japanese plants find their ...
    This is the salt-tolerant shrub rose of the seashore. From Japan came common evergreens, the boxwood-lookalike Japanese holly, the elegant and towering Japanese cedar, the Japanese yew and the Hinoki and Sawara false cypresses.
  2. Drought-tolerant plants have function, appeal
    Crape myrtles, Chinese and Japanese hollies and junipers are hardy and drought-tolerant. • Bulbs, such as daffodils, crocuses, star of Bethlehem and alliums, are very drought-tolerant because they become dormant in summer. • Herbs, such as lavender,
  3. To grow the longstalk holly is to love it
    One of these is “Ilex pedunculosa,” the longstalk holly. Native to China and Japan, this evergreen holly is a large shrub or small tree with a sturdy constitution and graceful beauty. It has a dense, upright branching habit when young that becomes more
  4. Vancouver Sun (blog) No.3 The garden of Holly Koit
    One of the reasons it won was because of its surprising diversity — on one side of the house, there is an exquisite formal Japanese stroll garden, while on the other side there is an English-style country garden with herbaceous borders and a pond full
  5. Stories inspired by Japan's March 11 disasters
    By KRIS KOSAKA Tomo: Friendship Through Fiction (Anthology of Japan Teen Stories), edited by Holly Thompson. Stone Bridge Press, 2012, 384 pp. , $14.95. Holly Thompson, a Kanagawa-based novelist, worked alongside other volunteers in the months after

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  3. @Holly_Nyan I think your Japanese is improving.
  4. Sky Pointer Japanese Holly - Ilex Crenata - Evergreen - Proven Winners: SKY POINTER (I. x m. Farrowone ppaf, Ca...
  5. RT @MYShawols: SHINee has finally completed their Japanese Arena Tour! Thank you SHINee and all the staffs for all their hard work throughout the 20 shows!


  1. It's the new Cha Da Thai and Japanese, where sisters Janet and Julie Suk - with help from their mother, Rattana - bring to Pasadena a restaurant that bears a striking resemblance to ones you'd find today on the streets of Bangkok. In fact, all that's missing are dancers in bright silk and...
  2. An international recording artiste, an international TV star, winner of numerous awards from ‘Woman of the Year’ (GQ) to Best New Artist (Japanese Music Industry Awards) Holly Valance has certainly made her mark since winning an audition for a role in ‘Neighbours’ at the tender age of 15.She has...
  3. A Japanese film festival began Friday at the Chinese Theatre, an iconic film house in Hollywood, with organizers hoping to boost the presence of Japanese movies in the United States. The first annual ''LA EigaFest'' will showcase seven short films and 12 feature-length films including...

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  1. British, Japanese envoys present letters of credence
    New Japanese Ambassador Kae Yanagisawa and the new British High Commissioner Holly Tett on Tuesday presented their letters of credence to President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe. In her statement, the British envoy said, among other issues ...
  2. Watch: Poem About Hollywood's Lack Of Asian Representation Wins Youth Poet Laureate Competition
    Lin, who won the title of Youth Poet Laureate in last month's contest at the New York Public Library, read a poem that included the lines: "Tilda Swinton, your yellowface is not to blame/ If Hollywood’s standards state that Natalie Dormer is/ Japanese ...
  3. How green is my desk?
    the Boxwood or Japanese Holly. “When looking for trees that you can use indoors for your mini garden, look for plants that resemble full-sized trees. The bottom leaves can be trimmed to expose the trunk, thus giving it a look of the tree rather than a shrub.
england fern westsussex ferns angmering cyrtomium cyrtomiumfalcatum japanesehollyfern july2011 manornursery manornurseries
Cyrtomium falcatum is a species of fern known by the common name Japanese Holly Fern. It is native to eastern Asia but it is a popular ornamental plant and has escaped from cultivation on other continents to become...
Photo by wallygrom on Flickr

japanesehollyfern universityofcaliforniabotanicalgardenatberkeley
Blog post:
Photo by Gwendolyn Stansbury on Flickr

Japanese Holly Care – Tips On Growing Japanese Holly Shrubs
Japanese Holly Care – Tips On Growing Japanese Holly Shrubs
Japanese+Holly Ilex crenata 'Hoogendorn' (Hoogendorn Japanese Holly ...
Japanese+Holly Ilex crenata 'Hoogendorn' (Hoogendorn Japanese Holly ...