Jacaranda mimosifolia tree Live Plant Purple Flowering Brazilian Rose Wood

Price: $12.99

  • Receive a FREE sample of Wellspring Gardens' proprietary fertilizer blend!
  • Makes for an excellent gift
  • Exceptional ornamental plant!

Blue Jacaranda Tree Potted Plant,Starter Potted Plant 2-4" Tall

Blue Jacaranda Tree Potted Plant,Starter Potted Plant 2-4" Tall

Price: $24.95

  • When sunlight catches these beautiful Flowers it is just Incredible...Jacarandas will add regular beauty to any garden

Nature's Blossom Bonsai Garden Seed Starter Kit - Easily Grow 4 Types of Miniature Trees Indoors: A Complete Gardening Set Organic Seeds, Soil, Planting Pots, Plant Labels & Growing Guide. Unique Gift

List price: $29.99
Price: $28.99

  • ✔ PERFECT INTRODUCTION TO THE BONSAI CULTURE - Get to know how to grow bonsais with this simple to succeed kit. Growing Bonsais is more than just a hobby - it's an art which fast becoming a worldwide phenomena. All the tree seeds in the kit are 100% organic, 100% NON-GMO, and ready for germination - NO STRATIFICATION NEEDED. We chose the most beautiful & easy-to-grow seeds to be a part of our plant kit.
  • ✔ EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW 4 AMAZING BONSAI TREES IN ONE GIFT BOX. Nature's Blossom Bonsai Tree Kit contains 4 organic seed packets - Jacaranda Mimosifolia; Pinus Aristata; Delonix Regia & Picea Mariana. You also receive 4 peat soil discs, biodegradable growing pots, plant markers and an instruction manual.
  • ✔ HIGH GERMINATION RATES. The seeds in your bonsai tree kit are 100% organic, open pollinated and without GMO or additives, and sourced from the best seed companies in the USA. This gerdening kit contains the best materials for seedstarting including planting pots made from natural ingredients that were designed to support the germination process & compressed seed starting soil to provide your new miniature trees with all the nutrients they need to grow.

Live Purple Jacaranda Tree (1 Gallon), Flowering Trees

Price: $15.00

  • Growing instructions
  • Jacaranda trees are fast growers that reach 25 to 50 foot high and up to 30 foot wide
  • Live healthy arrival guaranteed

Beautiful Flowering 4-7" Tall Potted Plant Blue Jacaranda Tree, Great Specimen Plant

Beautiful Flowering 4-7" Tall Potted Plant Blue Jacaranda Tree, Great Specimen Plant

Price: $29.95

  • Zones 8-11
  • Moderate Watering Grows to 50' Tall
  • Full to Part Sun

Josh Garrels - Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda tree by Josh Garrels (Words by Michelle Garrels) Album: Jacaranda Lyrics: Sitting on porches Since Friday while the sky Tilts like a watery glass We wait for downpours A drenching...

Creative collaboration - The Hindu

Designer Rema Kumar’s creations bring together colours, textures, detailing, embellishments and most importantlyart. Each creation has a narrative behind it. “The inspiration for this sari happened while I was out on a walk one sunny summer morning,” says the Delhi-based designer, holding up a kota sari woven with zari, block-printed with ajrakh and embellished with zardozi. “Similarly,...

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  2. LA Magazine (blog) The History of Those Beautiful Jacaranda Trees in Bloom Around LA
    When you look up at a vibrant purple jacaranda tree—or a bush of bougainvillea, sprout of birds of paradise, or fragrant patch of jasmine, for that matter—you can thank Kate Sessions, a pioneering female horticulturalist who helped make over the
  3. Daily Telegraph Pub owner's fury as iconic Mosman jacaranda destroyed
    The large tree stood outside The Buena and was famous for its annual bloom of purple flowers. The hotel team are furious with Mosman Council's decision to remove the tree and believe not enough was done to save it. “We believe council need to be held
  4. News24 UKZN fells jacaranda damaged during rape protest
    The damage to the tree was irreversible and posed a risk to campus users,” she said. The towering jacaranda tree has taken on a sort of cult status in Pietermaritzburg. Horticulturist at UKZN's School of Life Sciences Alison Young said as jacarandas
  5. OCRegister Frumpy Middle-Aged Mom: Why I hate my Jacaranda tree – or maybe not
    This is the time of year when I always ponder my intense and complicated relationship with the Jacaranda tree in my front yard. Every May, this canopy tree bursts into bloom with periwinkle blossoms that look like a purple cloud from heaven. It lifts


  1. Etymology. The name is believed to be of Guarani origin, meaning fragrant. The word jacaranda was described in A supplement to Mr. Chambers's Cyclopædia, 1st ed., (1753) as "a name given by some authors to the tree the wood of which is the log-wood, used in dyeing and in medicine" and as being of Tupi-Guarani origin, by way of Portuguese.
  2. Jacaranda mimosifolia is a sub-tropical tree native to south-central South America that has been widely planted elsewhere because of its beautiful and long-lasting blue flowers.
  3. Der Titel dieses Artikels ist mehrdeutig. Zum historisch bedeutenden Exemplar von Jacaranda mimosifolia siehe Jacaranda (Universität Sydney).
  4. The Jacaranda Tree is a large growing, drought tolerant, shade tree that lights up the landscape with large, vibrant purple blossoms every spring that last for months.
  5. The downright gorgeous jacaranda tree heralds springtime in South Florida with feathery new foliage and immense purple flower clusters. Read all about it!
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