IRIS OHYAMA Super suction Futon cleaner (Pad cleaner) C-FAC2(White)

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  • ● Dust collection capacity: 0.2 L / ● Number of vibrations: (beating) about 6,000 times per minute
  • ※ ◆ Power supply: AC 100 V (50/60 Hz) / ※ ◆ Power consumption: 400 W / ● Power cord length 4 m
  • ◆ set content: ● Vacuum cleaner body / ● Dust collection filter / ● Exhaust filter / ● Japanese instruction manual

Product description

Product features ◆ Powerful suction with two cyclone airflows ● Vertical rotating cyclone air current by the original "cyclone stream head" and transverse rotating cyclone air flow inside the main body. Combine two cyclone airflows and demonstrate excellent suction power. ◆ Ultra wide tapping pad mounted ● "Super-wide tapping pad" with a width of 20 cm is an original shape specially developed. Approximately 6,000 fast beats per minute will make house dust floating in between the fibers. The synergistic effect of suction and knockout removes house dust more powerfully. ◆ I feel beautiful with a sensor, feeling secure ● High sensitivity tick-off sensor detects all house dust and announces it with illumination of the main body. Ticks and pollen, which are difficult to recognize with the naked eye, do not miss the tick sensor. Because you can feel that it became beautiful, you can rest at ease. ◆ "Hot air function" installed ● Warm air will make the futon comfortably plump. Also, we will create an environment where mites do not easily breed. ◆ Movable head ● Since the head moves smoothly, it can be applied smoothly to pillows and cushions with many curved surfaces. ◆ Water-washable dust cup ● Dust cup can be removed and washable. House dust does not splash when garbage is thrown away, and it can be kept clean forever.

Iris Smart Plug, Zigbee, Works with Amazon Alexa

by Centralite Systems, Inc.
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  • Automate your floor and lamp lighting to light your way at night or turn on and off at specific times, the smart plug will help you automate and strengthen the connectivity signal throughout your home
  • Iris requires broadband internet, iOS 8.0+ on an iPhone5 or later or Android 4.1+
  • Have real-time access to power consumption of individual electronic devices at your fingertips

Product description

Turn lights on or off, manage small appliances and monitor energy usage with the small and versatile Iris Smart Plug. The smaller profile design allows single outlet usage without impacting the top outlet. Combine with other smart devices and automate lights to turn on when you enter a room and turn off automatically when no motion is detected for extended periods of time. The Iris Smart Hub is required to connect the Smart Plug with the Iris app and premium service may be required for scheduling and rules.

Iris on the Move® N-Glance™ Identification System Secures Access to EGL USA ... - Sacramento Bee

/PRNewswire/ -- SRI International Sarnoff's Iris on the Move® (IOM) N-Glance™ identification system is now protecting access to EGL USA's New York laboratory by confirming the identity of authorized employees as they enter. EGL USA, the industry leader in gemological science and service, is the first gemological laboratory to use this type of identification system for security purposes. 

"Security is a critical part of our business," said Mitch Jakubovic, director of EGL USA. "The N-Glance system enables us to control access to our lab in a reliable and practical way. We plan to implement the system at other EGL USA lab locations."

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, iris recognition is about eight times more accurate than fingerprints with respect to false acceptance rates (FAR). SRI's IOM N-Glance system requires minimal user training and is unobtrusive and safe to the human eye. Users simply glance at the system from a comfortable distance without having to place their eye close to a camera. The system identifies people in less than a second and processes up to 12 people per minute. It captures iris images even if a user is wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses.

"Positive identity verification is a critical need for high-security facilities," said Mark Clifton, vice president, Products & Services Division at SRI Sarnoff. "SRI's IOM N-Glance provides positive identity management and secure access by capturing iris images quickly and effortlessly."

About SRI International Silicon Valley-based SRI International, a nonprofit research and development organization, performs sponsored R&D for governments, businesses, and foundations. SRI brings its innovations to the market-place through technology licensing, new products, and spin-off ventures. SRI is known for world-changing innovations in computing, health and pharmaceuticals, chemistry and materials, sensing, energy, education, national defense, and...

Goo Goo Dolls - Iris (Video)

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  1. Iris on the Move® N-Glance™ Identification System Secures Access to EGL USA ...
    By SRI International MENLO PARK, Calif., March 28, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- SRI International Sarnoff's Iris on the Move® (IOM) N-Glance™ identification system is now protecting access to EGL USA's New York laboratory by confirming the identity of
  2. PR Web (press release) Iris Exchequer Shortlisted For Prestigious 'Financial Software Supplier' Of ...
    IRIS Exchequer has been shortlisted for 'Financial Software Supplier: SMEs' at this year's prestigious FDs' Excellence Awards 2012. Hosted by Real Business in association with ICAEW, and supported by the CBI, The FDs' Excellence Awards are the biggest
  3. Iris Hill, Tuscaloosa native and Auburn grad, to appear on NBC reality show
    By Chris Pow, Tuscaloosa native and Auburn University alumna Iris Hill will team up with her best friend in NBC's reality series "Escape Routes" to raise money for tornado recovery. Hill, 30, and Cleveland, Miss. native Terrance Terrell,
  4. 'Iris' will be restored
    As webmaster of my father Raoul Hunter's website, let me reassure readers that his sculpture "Iris" will soon be restored by the city of Montreal and reinstalled in the Jardin des floralies in Parc Jean Drapeau. It is fortunate that this initiative has
  5. Bellingham Herald BlackBerry may soon capture your eye and identity
    By MICHELLE MALTAIS - Los Angeles Times Bringing back a bit of the sexiness of gadgets more suited to Ethan Hunt, James Bond or Captain Kirk, Research in Motion is making your BlackBerry an "eye-device," with information from your iris stored inside.

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  3. Iris - Goo Goo Dolls >>>
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  1. Ramya Raju's blogs on Hubbling. IRIS. Irises are wonderful garden plants. The word Iris means rainbow. Irises come in many colors such as blue and purple, white and yellow, pink and orange, brown and red, and even black.The genus Iris has about 200 species and is native to the North Temperate...
  2. "And all I can taste is this moment, And all I can breathe is your life..."
  3. "...Apparently they can't get a life of their own, so they steal from others by fraudulently claiming Veterans benefits on their behalf"...
    IRIS is a secure, web based, messaging application for VA website visitors to communicate with VA electronically and to obtain information about other...

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  1. Tag Archives: Redout
    During yesterday’s Nintendo Switch hands-on event in Melbourne, we got a chance to spend time with a whole host of different games for the upcoming system. We know you’re curious about how the new system works so let’s break down what we played and ...
  2. Woman, 94, dies in North York house fire
    A niece said the woman’s name is Iris Alton. She had Parkinson’s Disease and used a wheelchair to get around. The cause of the blaze has not yet been revealed. The Ontario Fire Marshal’s office has been called in to investigate.
  3. Why The Flash Goes Back To The Future
    In the clips for the return of The Flash, we see that Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon head back to the future where Iris West is killed. But why? Well, it seems they want to find out enough about the future to prevent it. Because changing the past has worked ...
At the end of my suffering there was a door. Hear me out: that which you call death I remember. Overhead, noises, branches of the pine shifting. Then nothing. The weak sun flickered over the dry surface. It is...
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iris parc
Iris d'eau dans le parc.
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iris flower purple flowerbunch flowersadminfave
Iris bunch from Trader Joes in the morning light!
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