How to grow Inkberry Hollies (Ilex glabra) with detailed description

The products I use - This video is a detailed description of Inkberry Hollies. Inkberry Hollies are native to the Southeast United States. They can reach 4-6 feet in...

Inkberry Books to open in Cottonwood Square - Left Hand Valley Courier

Gene Hayworth, owner of Inkberry Books, will be holding a grand opening on Feb. 3 at the new location at 7960 Niwot Road, Suite B-3, in Cottonwood Square, the former location of HMK Jewelers.

Inkberry books will have a catalog of over 4,000 new, gently used, and out-of-print books along with book-related merchandise.

Hayworth had a lease at another location for the business,...



  1. Inkberry is a native form of evergreen holly with an upward, clumping form. The native species grows 5 to 8 feet in height and spread, although several cultivars have a more compact, smaller form.
  2. Ilex glabra, also known as Appalachian tea, dye-leaves, evergreen winterberry, gallberry, and inkberry, is a species of evergreen holly native to the coastal plain of eastern North America, from coastal Nova Scotia to Florida and west to Louisiana where it is most commonly found in sandy woods and peripheries of swamps and bogs. Ilex glabra is often found in landscapes of the middle and lower ...
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  4. Monrovia's Compact Inkberry details and information. Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance.
  5. Inkberry definition is - a holly (Ilex glabra) of eastern North America with evergreen oblong leathery leaves and small usually black berries.
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