10 x Horsetail Plants for Koi Pond Bamboo Looking Exot

Price: $25.00

  • Horsetails are among the oldest of all plants; they once grew to tree heights in prehistoric days. It has unusual reed-like hollow jointed stems with a very high silica content, making it useful as an abrasive similar to that of a fine emery cloth. Collect the leafless stems, dry briefly in the sun and tie them in bundles.
  • Used to shine metal pans or give wood a final sanding. Also used as excellent fungicide for both plants and people suffering from athletics' foot and jock itch. Leaves are very unique, similar to twigs and are a unique touch in dried flower arrangements. Likes to be planted in boggy wet places, but will do well in any type of soil.

Organic Cut & Sifted Horsetail Frontier Natural Products 1 lb Bulk

List price: $18.50
Price: $16.00

  • Organic, Kosher
  • Country of Origin: Bulgaria
  • Cut: Cut & Sifted

Horsetail Herb C/S Frontier Natural Products 1 lb Bulk

Horsetail Herb C/S Frontier Natural Products 1 lb Bulk

List price: $14.11
Price: $13.96

  • Botanical Name: Equisetum arvense
  • Package Type:Bulk Bag
  • Common Name: Horsetail Herb (Shavegrass)

Live Equisetum Horsetail Plants - Bamboo - Zen Koi Pond Evergreen Plant

Price: $18.00

  • Max. Height: 6' feet tall Max. Diameter: .5" inches wide Min. Temp: -20 F (Hardy in USDA Zones 6 to 10) Light: (shade-sun 1-5): 3-5
  • 10-15 horsetail stalks from a one gal pot approx. 1-2 ft. tall
  • Cannot ship to California or Hawaii

6 x Horsetail Reed Pond Plants bamboo Looking Zen Garden

Price: $47.45

  • Here is a great plant I wanted this plant for a while and finally found some and brought it home. We have hard rocky clay which is hard for anything to grwo in but this took off We are in Zone 6 and the winter does not hurt it. It is easy to grow.
  • It will tolerate everything from near drought to being under water. And grow as tall as 3 or 4 feet. It works well when mixed in with other plants along a pond edge. Part shade to shade, Can be planted in the sun if introduced a little at a time or new growth is started in the full sun.
  • Here is what you get 8 plants cut about 3 inches above the roots

Horsetail (Equisetum) - growing and care

Horsetail (Equisetum) - growing and care https://www.growplants.org/growing/horsetail How to grow Horsetail.

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  2. Science News Meet the speedsters of the plant world
    Commonly known as the horsetail plant, Equisetum releases microscopic spores shaped like a bendy X. When wet, the legs of Equisetum spores curl up. As the spores dry, their legs uncurl. The curling and uncurling that come with humidity changes let the 
  3. Greensboro News & Record Kathy Schlosser: Horsetails have an ancient lineage
    Fossil evidence provides images of those ancestors that, other than size, show all the characteristics of the plants we call horsetails or scouring rush (Equisetum hyemale). They are in a botanical group of plants to themselves, apparently owing to
  4. Times Colonist Helen Chesnut: Transplant potted tulips for future blooms
    Horsetail (Equisetum arvense) is an ancient, primitive plant that spreads not only by creeping rootstocks but also by spores. In common horsetail the fertile, spore-bearing branches appear first, in early spring, and are followed by growth bearing
  5. The Guardian Chelsea flower show: eight great ideas to steal
    (Equisetum hyemale), which popped up in a couple of Chelsea gardens this year? Don't be put off because it's a relative of the horribly invasive weed horsetail: this is a brilliant low-maintenance architectural plant that loves swampy spots and


  1. Horsetail: Horsetail, (genus Equisetum), fifteen species of rushlike conspicuously jointed perennial herbs, the only living genus of plants in the order Equisetales and the class Equisetopsida.
  2. Equisetum (/ ˌ ɛ k w ɪ ˈ s iː t əm /; horsetail, snake grass, puzzlegrass) is the only living genus in Equisetaceae, a family of vascular plants that reproduce by spores rather than seeds.
  3. Horsetail is a very primitive perennial plant with dark-green hollow, jointed or segmented stems 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick with no true leaves. Stems may be singular or have whorls of branches.
  4. Equisetum hyemale, commonly known as rough horsetail, scouring rush, scouringrush horsetail and in South Africa as snake grass, is a perennial herb in the fern Division Pteridophyta.
  5. Learn about the potential benefits of Horsetail including contraindications, adverse reactions, toxicology, pharmacology and historical usage.
horsetail つくし ツクシ 土筆 スギナ つくしんぼ 筆頭菜
つくしは苦いから食べられない。 苦いのも、甘いのも、辛いのもダメ。 偏食っ子。
Photo by "KIUKO" on Flickr

green reed nature pond iowa horsetail
If you like green, this horsetail reed will get your chlorophylls going!
Photo by Rh+ on Flickr

fern green 50mm spring olympus m42 april f18 manualfocus horsetail signsofspring equisetum 2015 e620 meyeroptikgorlitzoreston johnsoncameraface
Photo by Johnson Cameraface on Flickr