Following Foxglove Plants From Seed To Flowering. From one year to the next.

All parts of the foxglove plant are poisonous, including the flowers and seeds. I planted some fox glove seeds last year, and followed their progress until they bloomed this spring. They...

This week's gardening tips: plant foxgloves, delphinium and hollyhock -

The blooms will return: Cool-season bedding plants may bloom less during the midwinter period (especially if the weather is cold), but should pick-up again in the late winter and early spring. Don’t forget to keep the old, spent flowers picked off to encourage continued blooming. If the foliage color is a good deep green, and the plants seem to be growing well, you...



  1. Etymology. The name "foxglove" was first recorded in the year 1542 by Leonhard Fuchs, whose family name, Fuchs, is the German word for "fox" (the plant genus Fuchsia is also named for him). The genus digitalis is from the Latin digitus (finger), perhaps referencing the shape of the flowers, which accommodate a finger when fully formed.. Thus the name is recorded in Old English as foxes glofe ...
  2. Plant taxonomy classifies the most commonly grown foxglove plants as Digitalis purpurea.Most types of foxglove plants are grouped with the biennials in the field of botany. The first year, the plant has leaves that form a rosette close to the ground.
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  4. Foxglove plants grow best in rich, well draining soil. Caring for foxglove plants will include keeping the soil moist. As a biennial or short lived perennial, the gardener can encourage re-growth of foxglove flowers by not allowing the soil to dry out or to get too soggy.
  5. Digitalis purpurea (foxglove, common foxglove, purple foxglove or lady's glove) is a species of flowering plant in the plantain family Plantaginaceae, native to and widespread throughout most of temperate Europe. It is also naturalised in parts of North America and some other temperate regions. The plants are well known as the original source of the heart medicine digoxin (also called ...
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After the rain. I love foxgloves, my garden is very boggy though so they don't like it there much!
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