(HPTB)~"DOUBLE DARK RED" TUBEROUS BEGONIA~Seeds!!~~~~~~Houseplant or Shade Garden!

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  • ***TUBEROUS BEGONIA*** (Houseplant)
  • "Double Dark Red" variety (Begonia tuberosa)
  • 10 seeds/package
  • 10-12" tall

Product Description

***TUBEROUS BEGONIA*** (Houseplant) "Double Dark Red" variety (Begonia tuberosa) 10 seeds/package. Exquisite double red blooms, 10-12" tall. Best when used as a houseplant or in a very sheltered full shade situation as stems can be broken easily under the extreme weight of the flower heads. Needs indirect light & lots of moisture. Creates a large root bulb that can be stored over the winter to be planted again next year. ~~~LEVEL of EXPERIENCE NEEDED FOR THESE SEEDS: Moderate Experience~~~ I am a Master Gardener from Wisconsin (ZONE 4) & I want to share many of the perennials, annuals, herbs & veggies from my 3rd generation, organic yard with you. Many of my plants are heirloom varieties that have been on the property since 1940 when my Grandfather built the house. Many I do not have the true name for, just what has been passed down from Gramma, to Mom, to me. I owned my own greenhouse for 13 years & I will give you step-by-step planting directions with each purchase for the gardening amateurs. I gear my sales towards the common gardener, small scale, but I do have a couple "Bulk" for larger scale enthusiasts.

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