Amerihybrid Tuberous Picotee Lace Begonia First Love (3 Big Bulbs) 6” Bi-Color Blooms | Ships From Easy to Grow TM

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  • Color: First Love
  • Manufacturer:
  • Model: 10927-03


  • Priced for a pkg of 3 very large Amerihybrid Roseform Begonia tubers - White petals laced with pink/red edges.
  • Outstanding for lush pattio pots and hanging baskets
  • Zones 10-11, elsewhere lift tubers in autumn and store indoors
  • Blooms from mid summer through entire season. Long, heavy bloomers.
  • Ships from USA by Easy to Grow Bulbs, a California Licensed Nursery

Product Description

This was one of the first picotee begonias developed and hybridizers are still attempting to improve on it, without success. Lots of silvery white blooms each edged with a ribbon of dark pink/red. Picotee First Love looks great in containers, alone or mixed with roseform red begonias. Deep green leaves accent the lighter, heavily crimped blooms beautifully.

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