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  • Color: Summer Sunset Collection
  • Manufacturer: easytogrowbulbs
  • Model: 11005-03-CC


  • Blooms mid summer through entire season. Long, heavy bloomers.
  • Ships from USA by Easy to Grow Bulbs, a California Licensed Nursery
  • Includes 9 large (2"-2.5") begonia tubers, individually labeled
  • Zones 10-11, elsewhere lift tubers in autumn and store indoors, Exposure: light to partial shade
  • Big, double blooms in rosy red, summery yellow and stunning sunburst.

Product Description

Plant your own sunsets with this collection of yellow, gold and vibrant red in the huge, plentiful blooms of Amerihybrid Tuberous Begonias. Start with the sunny yellow trailing blooms of the Hanging Basket Sunny Day. Add the decidedly romantic blooms of Roseform Red. Each red "rose" reaches up to 8" across! Bridging these dramatic primary colors is a natural work of art - Picotee Begonia Sunburst. Each glowing golden petal is carefully edged in brightest scarlet - absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy a summer sunset in your garden all season long! This collection includes 1 package of 3 large Amerihybrid Begonia Hanging Basket Sunny Day, 1 package of 3 large Amerihybrid Begonia Roseform Red tubers, and 1 package of 3 large Amerihybrid Begonia Picotee Sunburst. Each is clearly labeled to enable you to place and plan your planting. Enjoy!

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