SNAPDRAGON ~Dwarf Mix~ "Antirrhinum Majus Nanum" 30+ Annual Seeds

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  • Manufacturer: Botanical Interests


  • Frersh harvest.
  • Detailed planting instructions come with every seed packet
  • Hand sorted and packed by Sidor family.

Product Description

All our plants are organically grown: Snapdragons are rust resistant and reliable. The blossom-laden flower heads bloom in spring to early summer in a range of exquisite colors, displaying shades of pink, red, orange, yellow and white. These lovely low growing plants can also be used as a ground cover at the front of the border and would suit a rockery.The snapdragon is one of our most familiar flowers, they have been garden favorites for generations brightening cottage gardens and fascinating children for centuries.When squeezed side to side, the snapdragon flower opens wide, delighting children of all ages. Grows only 8-10" tall, but it can spread up to 12". Annual in zones 4-11. .

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