2 Blueray Blueberry Plant-- up to 20 Lbs Per Mature Plant! Nice 4 inch Pot Starter Plants. Currently Dormant (no leaves, still fine to plant for Spring!)

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  • Great Flavor and Texture
  • Four inch pots, nice starter plant size
  • Zone 4-7, Cannot ship to CA,or HI
  • Ripens early to mid July
  • Dark blue, marble sized berries

Product Description

These wonderful berries are quick to grow and thrive in a nice sunny place in your garden. They can produce up to 20lbs of berries per bush per growing season, once the bush is well established. It is also a great pollinator for other highbush blueberry varieties. It will produce more berries if planted with another variety for cross pollination. Ready to pick early to mid July, and then the leaves turn a lovely scarlet color in the fall. This little starter plant is just wonderful, it is ready to start growing in your garden! These plants go dormant in november so if ordered in november expect little to no red leaves on the plant, however when a plant is dormant it is one of the best times to plant it.

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