Smudge Kit - Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone Shell, Feather & More! Healing, Purifying, Meditating & Incense

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  • Color: Natural
  • Manufacturer: JL Local


  • ✔ Relax, purify, meditate, use as incense - these kits were made for you to use numerous times in many different ways!
  • ✔ LARGE KIT - 1 Sage bundle, 1 medium - large Palo Santo stick, 1 Abalone Shell, 1 Turkey Feather & Instructions - > Your complete kit!
  • ✔ High quality smudging kits used for Healing, Protecting & Cleansing - by a caring small family business - JL Local
  • ✔ Each item in your kit is 100% natural, sustainably sourced and packaged with great care and attention to detail
  • ✔ Cultures all over the world, for hundreds and thousands of years, have used sacred herbs, woods & incense to purify themselves, get rid of negative energy, bring good luck, bless and protect - this ancient ceremony is Smudging.

Product Description

Purify & Refresh Your Life. 
Inspire Creativity. 
Heal & Protect Your Space.

What do the items in a Smudge Kit mean?

Sage is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by many tribes as an incense, purifying herb and to drive out evil influences and ward off bad luck.

Palo Santo is primarily used by Shaman all across South America to purify, heal, inspire creativity and protect your spirit from negativity. Palo Santo can even fight off depression, a common cold, asthma, anxiety and headaches.

Abalone was used as food and shell as a smudging bowl and traded like currency as well.

A Turkey Feather (among other types of feathers) are used to gently fan and spread the smoke rising from the smudging process.

Each sacred item in your kit has been used for hundreds, even thousands of years for smudging.

Together, these sacred items make a complete kit perfect for anyone looking to embrace their spirituality, purify, protect or just peacefully relax.


Large Kit: 1 White Sage Bundle, 2 or more Palo Santo sticks, 1 Abalone shell (5-6 inches), 1 Smudging Feather, 1 Free Kokopelli Keychain and Instructions for use

Large Plus Kit: 2 White Sage Bundles, 3 or more Palo Santo sticks, 1 Abalone shell (5-6 inches), 1 Natural Wooden Stand, 1 Smudging Feather, 1 free Kokopelli Keychain and Instructions for use

Refill Pack: 2 White Sage Bundles & 4 or more Palo Santo sticks

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