NewAge Smudges and Herbs MCWS3 California Mini Sage Wands, 4-Inch, Pack of 3, White

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  • Color: White
  • Manufacturer: New Age Imports, Inc.
  • Model: MCWS3


  • Hand-tied with 100% Cotton String
  • California Mini Sage Wands 3 pack
  • Size: 4" +
  • Use tripod and shell to burn the sage
  • 3 Bundle Pack
  • Each bundle is 4-Inch long
  • Brand: New Age Smudges & Herbs
  • Used for purification and spiritual blessing

Product Description

New Age Smudges & Herbs ~ White Sage (Salvia Apiana) from the costal mountains of California. Sage is one of the sacred herb among indigenous American people. The clean burning sage is used in the energy cleansing ritual known as smudging.

Premium quality white sage from California, USA. To burn our smudges safely please use our Abalone Shell & Tripod.

We hope these smudges can help bring clarity, harmony, & love in your homes and lives. Please be sure to use these safely.

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