Sweetheart Lime Sweet Potato Vine (Ipomoea) Live Plant, Lime Green Foliage, 4.25 in. Grande, 4-pack

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  • Manufacturer: Proven Winners
  • Model: IPOPRW5197524


  • This ipomoea works great in landscapes as a groundcover plant, as well as in combinations and containers by themselves.
  • Tolerates sun or shade. Grows to be 6-16 inches tall and 1.5-3 feet wide. It can trail up to 1.5 feet.
  • Hardiness Zone: 11. Be sure to check your USDA Hardiness Zone if you want this plant to come back year after year.
  • Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime has lime green foliage. It is heat tolerant and very adaptable, working in both sun and shade conditions.
  • Annuals are 5-10 inches tall when they are shipped.
  • To introduce the most unique, highest quality plants, Proven Winners are tested for years in gardens across the world. Our plants are unsurpassed in terms of flowering, growth and garden performance.
  • Proven Winners guarantees all of its plants are correctly packaged in specially designed boxes, arrive in good condition and are accurately labeled.
  • Hand-picked by experienced shippers and delivered fresh from the greenhouse in 4.25 in. Grande containers.

Product Description

Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Lime from Proven Winners has beautiful lime green foliage that makes a wonderful component plant in combinations. It also works great in landscapes as a ground cover. It is adaptable and thrives in sun or shade, although colors are brighter in full sun. This ipomoea has excellent heat tolerance and vigor.

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