Homegrown Bayberry Seeds, Bulk Seeds, Organic Bayberry, Quantity (300)

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  • Color: black, purple
  • Manufacturer: Home Grown Seeds


  • This is a great plant for massing or grouping, in full sun or shade.
  • Homegrown Seeds Packet contains seeds
  • Gray berries appear in large masses, used in candle-making; leaves used to make a gray-green dye.
  • We have 2 listings for this item. One for 100 seeds and another for 300 seeds.
  • Hardy, Self Fertile - 6-12 feet tall. Myrica pensylvanica.

Product Description

Semievergreen to deciduous shrub typically 5' to 6'; can reach 10' upright, spreading branching habit shape is irregular to mounded multi-stemmed, suckering.

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