Adarl 300pc/Package Multi Hyacinth Seeds Ornamental Plants Seeds Courtyard Garden With Flower Seeds Professional Pack

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  • Color: Hyacinth Multi
  • Manufacturer: Adarl


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  • 5*Breeding vermiculite: Can increase the soil ventilation pores and water retention capacity. (Nursery vermiculite can be purchased in the shop, search ASIN: B01MTNDAU5) (Tips: please refer to the description of the planting method, seed germination time is generally 30 to 50 days)
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  • 3*Gibberellin: Promote the plants' germination,flowering and the results, the first use of a little alcohol or a high degree of alcohol to gibberellin dissolve, and then diluted with water to the required concentration (1 g gibberellin to half a cup of water , Disposable paper cups can be), soak seeds 48 hours or after planting continuous spray three times, each time interval of 7 days. (Gibberellin can be purchased in our shop, search ASIN: B01N750LV4)
  • 4*Nutrient soil: Provided variety of mineral nutrition which the seeds need when the seeds are growing or developing, loose ventilation, water and fertilizer. (Nutrient soil can be purchased in the shop, search ASIN: B01N2GPDVU)

Product Description

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Seed Plated Method:
1, Germination Treatment
A-First, the seeds soaked in gibberellin water for 48 hours, gibberellin usage: a bag of gibberellin 1 gram against half cup of tap water
(disposable paper cups), the gibberellin can be purchased also in our shop;
Then, the mixture is mixed with the wet sand (the ratio of the seed and the sand is 1: 3);
B-Rapid germination:Soak the seeds 3 times in the about 60 degrees water,about 20 minutes each time, and then placed in gibberellin solution soaked
before sowing.
2, Sowing
Pour water before sowing the seeds(with humus and loose loess can be cultivated)
(1 to 1.5 cm of soil)
To keep the soil can be wet, do not often watering, do not make the soil water, the seeds of the process of germination is not leaching, generally 15
days began to emergence.
(If you sow in the summer, you can put the flower pot in the air-conditioned indoor or cool place, the best ambient temperature is about 20 degrees)
3, Growing Management
(1) Shade ventilation, preferably from 8 am to 4 pm Putting pots into ventilated place, allowing flowers to receive scattered light, giving roses an
ideal environment for growing up flowering.
(2)Watering fertilization, the evaporation and consumption are large, rapid growth, flowering period should be topdressing every 10 days a thin
fertilizer, watering should use the sun to reduce the water to reduce the temperature difference between the basin and water.
(3)Spray water on the leaves, create a humid environment, promote growth.
(4)Pruning and loose soil.
(6) prevention of disease, pest control.

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