OAKLEAF HOLLY - Size: 2-3 ft, live plant, includes special blend fertilizer & planting guide

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  • Color: Green
  • Manufacturer: Perfect Plants
  • Model: oakleaf-2-3-FT


  • Pyramidal shape, Red berries
  • Year-round interest
  • Attractive, evergreen foliage
  • Includes special blend fertilizer & planting guide
  • Sorry, this item does not ship to CA or AZ due to state laws

Product Description

This eye-catching evergreen shrub is a handsome cultivar of the Red Holly family that boasts attractive new growth that’s bronze-to-burgundy, then ages to emerald green! The Oakleaf Holly is an elegant hybrid holly featuring a tall, pyramidal form. Its foliage is distinctive and charmingly similar in shape to that of an oak. Unlike many other hollies, the Oakleaf will set red berries without needing a pollenizer. As the tree reaches maturity, the lower branches lose their vertical turgidity, giving the tree a mature pyramid shape. The Oakleaf Holly prefers full sun and acidic, well-drained soil. This cold hardy variety is stunning as a tall hedge or specimen plant. More Detail: Botanical Name: Ilex x 'Conaf' Sun Light: Full Sun Flower Color: White Foliage Color: Green Mature Height:14 ft Mature Width: 8 ft Growing Zones: 6, 7, 8, 9

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