Outsidepride Foxglove Apricot - 5000 seeds

Outsidepride Foxglove Apricot - 5000 seeds

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  • Color: Apricot
  • Manufacturer: Outsidepride


  • Bloom Color: Apricot
  • USDA Zones: 4 - 8
  • Outsidepride is a family owned U.S. Company. No other company on this listing is selling our seed.
  • Height: 60 inch biennial
  • Sowing Rate: 4 - 6 seeds per plant

Product Description

Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea Apricot Beauty) - If you are looking for a 5 foot tall, beautiful flowering spikes of apricot flowers, than look no further than this Apricot Beauty Foxglove. Growing Foxglove seeds is a wonderful way to establish this Apricot variety of Foxglove in your flower border. Foxglove apricot produces gorgeous, pastel shades of apricot-orange blooms that are lightly spotted. Plant this biennial Digitalis Purpurea beauty in any sunny or partially sunny area and it will bloom the first year when planted in spring from flower seeds. Grow Digitalis Purpurea (Foxglove) in rich, moist soil and in full sun for northern climates and partial shade in southern climates. Foxglove grows best in borders, beds, and open woodland gardens. Generally, foxglove plants are spaced 12 - 18 inches apart.

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