Heirloom 50+ Ornamental Perennial Grass Seed - Pampas Grass - "Pink" Tall Feathery Blooms

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  • Manufacturer: Seeds4change
  • Model: CCC003


  • Bloom color: soft pink (NOT purple - color is off in first image!)
  • Detailed sowing instructions included with your purchase.
  • Packet contains (50) fresh seeds.
  • Guaranteed true to species.

Product Description

Type: Herbaceous Perennial Hardiness: Zones 7 to 10 Light Requirements: Full sun Water Requirements: Average Bloom Color(s): Pink Bloom Period: Early summer to fall Height: 80 inches Spacing: 48 to 60 inches Features: Showy blooms, good cut flower. Precautions: Plants self seed prolifically and are considered invasive in warmer climates. Blades have sharp edges. Note: (Provided by Seeds4change) Flower color in first photo is inaccurate (blooms are lighter shade and true pink, NOT lilac). Also, third photo incorrectly displays Pink Muhly Grass, NOT pampas.

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