Everwilde Farms - 2000 Prairie Aster Native Wildflower Seeds - Gold Vault Jumbo Seed Packet

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  • Manufacturer: Everwilde Farms


  • Detailed Planting Instructions on Back - Online Info also available via QR Code
  • Resealable/Reusable Zipper Bag - Perfect for Storing Excess Seeds
  • First Quality Native Wildflower Seeds - Current Lab Test Data Shown on Packet
  • Bulk Seed is Excellent for Immediate Planting or for Long Term Storage as an Emergency Seed Vault
  • Exclusive Gold Vault Packaging - Provides 3X Longer Storage than Paper or Plastic with Triple Layer Mylar Gold Foil.

Product Description

Prairie Aster grows throughout most of the western United States, especially thriving in the desert areas of the southwest. In addition to its high tolerance of drought, this plant attracts many butterflies and birds. Originally from the Greek language, "aster" means "star." At one time, asters were called starworts, frost flowers, or Michaelmas daisies; in spite of their daisy-like petals, asters are actually diminutive members of the sunflower family. In the language of flowers, these starry blossoms symbolize elegance or daintiness. They make a traditional gift for birthdays in the month of September, or for 20th wedding anniversaries.

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