European Crab Apple, (French Crabapple), Malus sylvestris, Tree Seeds (Fast) 20 seeds

European Crab Apple, (French Crabapple), Malus sylvestris, Tree Seeds (Fast) 20 seeds

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Product Description

The European Crab Apple is a colorful seasonal provider of flower and fruit, which goes by the Latin name of Malus sylvestris, which means forest apple. It is thought to be an ancestor of the cultivated apple (Malus domestica), which is still under debate. It is a small deciduous fruiting tree often trained to a central lead or a delayed open center form, reaching a height of 20 to 30 feet. The bark is grayish and rough. As the tree grows and the trunk expands, fissures or cracks appear in the bark. Despite this the timber is very water resistant. In fact, part of the foundations of Venice are built from this timber. The leaves are alternate with a crooked and pointed tip. They vary in shape from round to oval. The underside of the leaves are smooth but can also be hairy. The flowers are white tinged with pink. They appear in April and May, having five petals. The flowers are hermaphrodite and are pollinated by insects. The pinkish-white flowers are followed by edible tart fruits which are very small and normally green, ripening to yellow suffused with orange red. They are 1 to 1 1/2 inches in diameter and have a long stalk. It is by the fruit that you can best identify a crab apple; in fact, they are almost like cherries in shape and size. The fruit is excellent for jams and jellies. we also provide other quantity, please leave us a massage for confirmation

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