Outsidepride Echinacea Purple Coneflower - 1000 Seeds

Outsidepride Echinacea Purple Coneflower - 1000 Seeds

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  • Color: Lavender
  • Manufacturer: Outsidepride
  • Model: TRTD3687


  • Bloom Color: Lavender
  • Outsidepride is a family owned U.S. Company. No other company on this listing is selling our seed.
  • Height: 24 - 36 inch perennial
  • Sowing Rate: 4 ounces per 1,000 square feet or 12 pounds per acre
  • USDA Zones: 3 - 9

Product Description

Echinacea, (pronounced Ek-i-nay-see-a), commonly known as Purple Coneflower, is a herbaceous perennial plant that is popular and easy to grow. This daisy-like, lavender flower is excellent for cutting. It's a long bloomer in the garden and is especially attractive to birds, butterflies, and bees. Deadheading helps to prolong bloom time, but if you allow the flowers to dry and go to seed, finches will adore the spiny, brown centers. Echinacea herbs are also used for teas. They are a great addition to the flower bed or garden!

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