Optimara African Violet Variety Pack (4 Assorted Plants) (4" Pots)

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  • Hand Picked To Ensure Highest Quality
  • Optimara Varieties
  • Licensed to Ship to California
  • Beautiful Live African Violet Plants (4" Pot Size)
  • WINTER NOTICE: Please Refrain From Ordering Into Temperatures Below 40 Degrees

Product Description

The perfect start to any African Violet collection. This Variety Pack contains 4 different varieties of Optimara Violets. Optimara Violets are specifically bred to have characteristics of robust growth, long lasting and beautiful blooms and full bodied foliage. Your plants will be hand picked out to form an interesting and unique color assortment that is perfect for any home or office. In order for the plant blooms to arrive in the best possible condition, violets will ship out with 2-5 open blooms and many closed buds, which open in your home. Plants will come sleeved and packaged to be safely delivered in excellent condition. PLEASE NOTE: African Violets are very sensitive to high temperatures. Please refrain from ordering if local temperatures are above 95 degrees as the plants have a high risk of arriving heat damaged. Thank you for your understanding.

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