Colorado Columbine Wildflower Seed Packet - Enjoy The Natural Beauty of Colorado Flowers in Your Own Home Garden - State Flower

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  • Manufacturer: Wildflower Company


  • Plant in Fall or Spring, Blooms Throughout Spring and Summer
  • Packet Size: Height 6.5 inches Width 4 inches, Made in the USA
  • Grows in Most Climates of the World. Seeds best planted within two years.
  • Includes Complete Planting Instructions
  • Annual - Approximately 50 Seeds, Net Weight 125 Mg.

Product Description

Colorado Blue Columbine (Aquilegia coerulea) Colorado's state flower, perhaps the most graceful and ornamental of all wildflowers. This perennial was latin-named "Columba" or dove for its resemblance to the bird of peace. Wrote poet John Parkinson over 300 years ago, "no garden would willingly be without them." This seed packet can be sent as a postcard to others as a gift or to plant at home.

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