coconut palm tree @2ft

coconut palm tree @2ft

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Plant in planter for a unique house plant, or outside if in warm climate. Will be shipped without soil or pot. Roots will be protected, plant asap when received. Plants will be at @2ft tall some under some over. These plants are not small and weigh up to 5lbs or more, without packing. (Shipping with the USPS has increased a lot over the past couple years. I am not making money, most times losing money on shipping.) Plants are young and will have to be treated as. Leaves will continue to shed off as new ones grow. Leaves will turn brown as the new ones grow in, this is normal. Please understand that these are young live coconuts. They all look different, have different heights and leave display. They all will not look exactly as the one in the picture. If you live in a cold climate, please remember these grow in tropical climates, and do not like cold

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