Hawaiian Sprouting Coconut Tree - 10 - 12 Inches - From a PEST-FREE certified Hawaiian nursery with the proper U.S. Department of Agriculture stamp.

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  • Can be grown in a pot or in the ground
  • 1 - Coconut Tree Sprouting - Approx. 10 - 12 Inches.
  • When purchasing Hawaiian Coconut Sprouting Tree, insist on Coconuts from a certified pest-free nursery. You can accept your Cococnut Tree Sprouting from Discount Hawaiian Gifts, Inc. with confidence that they are PEST-FREE and approved for export to the U.S. The Coconut Tree Sproutings are from a certified Hawaiian nursery and have the proper Department of Agriculture stamp. It's the law.
  • This nursery participates in the HAWAII SEAL OF QUALITY program. This program has strict requirements and represents the best of Hawaii's agricultural producers. It protects the integrity of Hawaii branded products. Products with the Seal of Quality must be Hawaii-grown or Hawaii-made. This guarantee is enforced by the State of Hawaii. This is an authentic Hawaii product.

Product Description

I am the Hawaiian coconut palm. I'm the best known palm in the world and one of the most beautiful. To ancient Polynesians, I represented life itself. They used every part of me to sustain their lives. You will see me gracefully swaying in the breeze along the white sandy beaches or majestically lining avenues and parks. After all, what is paradise without me, the Hawaiian coconut palm?

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