Dwarf English Boxwood

Dwarf English Boxwood

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  • Manufacturer: Brighter Blooms


  • Light foliage is soft to the touch
  • CANNOT ship to AZ or TN
  • Looks great in rows
  • Doesn't take up much space
  • Low maintenance & very easy to grow

Product Description

- Slow growth allows these bowoods to keep their shape or a very long time- Unique oliage is sot to the touch- Dense evergreen stays deep green all year- Deer and pest resistant Etremely Adaptable Evergreens that Don't Need Constant MaintenanceDwar English Bowoods are known or their gorgeous light-green leaves and round, compact shape. The deep-green oliage is sot to the touch, and adds lively teture to your landscape. They're so versatile that, they can be combined with virtually any color palette you choose. They Look Great, Even When You Ignore ThemThese are slow growing evergreens. That means they don't get out o control with quick growth spurts. This means they keep their shape... just prune them once, and they'll stay that way or up to a year. A Variety o Landscaping OptionsThese bowoods are popular among landscape designers because they require little maintenance. The round, delicate leaves look great surrounded by perennials or as a backdrop or showy Knock Out Roses. Oten used to highlight eatures in gardens like statues or ountains. Dwar English Bowoods create striking borders with hardly any eort on your part. They look abulous lining a long driveway or rimming the border o your garden. Evergreen Foliage Looks Great All Year LongDuring the winter months, its leaves can take on a bronze tone, adding remarkable detail to winter gardens and appealing contrast when paired with other evergreens. A true dwar, this species is one o the most popular Bowoods available. It oers plenty o bang or your buck in a compact shape. Dwar English Bowoods are slow-growing and reach up to three eet in height, so you can tuck them in a tight spot with little ear o them becoming overgrown. This allows them to maintain their shape and beauty or long periods o time without maintenance or clipping. This bowood can grow in a multitude o dierent conditions- thriving in both

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