LIMITED TIME LOW PRICE FOR FIRST TIME ON AMAZON | 24” Tall 16” Round Artificial Topiary Ball Boxwood Trees (Set of 2) by Seven Oaks | Highly Realistic Potted Shrubs for Indoor/Outdoor|UV Protected

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  • Color: Green
  • Manufacturer: Seven Oaks Home Furnishings


  • GET IT RISK-FREE: This beautiful set of artificial topiary boxwood trees is backed by a full, 90 day money back guarantee of complete satisfaction. If you don't fall in love with your new, highly realistic Buxus trees immediately, you can return them for a full refund, hassle-free.
  • INVEST IN HIGH QUALITY THAT SHINES: Manufactured from premium quality plastic that is extremely durable and does not require constant care, each of these beautiful artificial topiary Buxus shrubs features 4 layered, leathery, waxy leaves with an impressively realistic color and natural feeling texture that makes them indistinguishable from real plants. Height: Approx. 24"/Diameter: Approx. 16"
  • SHAPE UP YOUR INDOOR & OUTDOOR SPACES: Keep your home décor, garden, office, reception area or business looking crisp and sharp, without spending time on gardening and maintenance. Our highly realistic, round ball shaped topiary boxwood bushes will introduce an irrisistible sense of exclusivity and elegance to any setting and draw your guests' eyes with their unique charm and style.
  • INSTALL EASILY: This set of fake decorative Buxus plants comes pre-potted in a plastic, 7" W / 5.9" H pot and is easy to use right out of the box. The shrubs can also be installed directly into the ground or in a decorative planter for an even more natural result. NOTE: Usually the leaves will need some re-shaping by hand after shipping, as they can get slightly deformed in some places during shipping.
  • ENJOY A FLAWLESS LOOK ALL YEAR ROUND: Infused with an advanced UV inhibitor that protects the fake plants against harmful UV rays, these elegant, bush shaped boxwood topiaries are designed to withstand wind, rain and sunlight exposure and stay evergreen throughout the season, without losing their vibrancy.

Product Description

Add Interest to Your Garden Entrance with a Set of Highly Artful, Artificial Topiary Boxwood Trees by Seven Oaks!

Do you love having a neat looking garden but lack the time for proper gardening and maintenance?

No worries.

With this set of elegant, ball shaped Buxus trees you can add a natural, creative accent to the front entrance of your home or business, or liven up the corners of your office and make any space refreshingly inviting, without the hassle of cleaning and watering.

Impress Your Guests with Fake Boxwood Topiaries That Look and Feel Real!

Whether you're looking to achieve a casual or formal style of garden or home décor, these beautiful, artificial topiary boxwood shrubs are a great idea to freshen up your space and add vigor and style.

With 4 layered, leathery, waxy leaves and a lush, highly realistic, shade of green, these ball shaped boxwood trees will not only look real, but they will feel real, as well!

You can use them in the plastic pot, transfer them to a decorative container of your choice or install them directly into the ground for the ultimate natural look!

Save Money and Invest In a Premium Quality Set of Faux Decorative Plants That Will Last!

Unlike silk fake plants that fail to withstand exterior weather conditions, these boxwood shrubs are manufactured from fine plastic that is specially designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its exceptional quality and advanced UV protection makes sure that your faux decorative plants survive the sun, rain and wind throughout the year and maintain their flawless appearance for many seasons.

Order Your Set of Artificial Topiary Boxwood Trees Today and Add Appeal & Vibrancy to Any Setting!

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