Green Velvet Boxwood - Live Plants - Lot of 10 Shrubs in Quart Pots

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  • Color: Green
  • Manufacturer: DAS FarmsTM


  • Zone: 5-9 / Mature Height: 3' Spread: 3' Growth: medium / Full Sun - Part Shade - Full Shade / Form : billowy,cloud-like, mounded / Soil: well-drained / Usage: foundation, background, area seperation, hedging
  • Low maintenance evergreen that stays 3 feet tall. Qty:10
  • Size Shipped: 10 plants, 6-8 inches tall in quart containers with soil-less media & 9 month slow release fertilizer.
  • Now is the time to transplant! Cooler temperatures and more rainfall provide a smooth transition for the plants. As long as your soil is not frozen solid 2 inches below ground level, the roots will still take perfectly and continue to grow throughout the winter. This gives you a head start on a spring and summer of production.
  • All orders to CA, OR, WA, UT, and AZ will be shipped bare root in accordance with their state regulations.

Product Description

This is for our customers who want to construct a hedge or require several plants. Green velvet boxwood is one of the hybrids developed in Canada at the famous Sheridan Nursery. These hybrids can withstand very cold temperatures and maintain good color. Green velvet has a medium leaf,excellent color, and a very full habit making it ideal for many applications. It is one of my favorite boxwoods due to its handsome, rounded, full-bodied growth with small dark green leaves. Like most modern cultivars, it is a hybrid of Korean Boxwood (for hardiness and compactness) and Common Boxwood (for excellent leaf color in both summer and winter). During late winter the leaf color is best described as dark green with a bronze hue. The noticeable but not showy flowers are cream-colored inflorescence occurring in late April and early May on established plants. The flowers are somewhat fragrant and usually attract bees. Green Velvet Boxwood can be used individually or in clusters and is commonly used as a hedge or foundation planting. It is easily sheared into different shapes. Green Velvet like most Boxwood is traditionally planted in shady sites. However, it is very tolerant of sunny locations as long as it receives sufficient moisture.

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