Boston Ivy

Boston Ivy

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  • Manufacturer: Holland Bulb Farms
  • Model: 77433


  • Package contains 1 plant start
  • This item will bloom
  • Parthinocissus tricuspidata
  • Perennial in zones 4 to 8
  • Bulb Size: 1 year

Product Description

Boston Ivy Boston Ivy is a classic vine grown for it's magnificent fall foliage! Boston Ivy is a vigorous grower, that can grow 1' foot per year! It does best if grown on a fence or support structure. It can be grown on brick homes for covering, however once it start to grow on such a structure it is difficult to remove. If you plan on growing this for siding in your home, make sure it is ok that it will be a permanent feature. It can also be used as an effective ground cover and looks nice trailing over a wall or split rail fence. Item Information -Light Requirements: Partial to Full Sun -Size: 1 year -Hardiness Zone: 4-8 -Planting Time: Spring -Planting Depths: 1-2" -Planting Spacing: 6-9" -Quantity Per Package: 1 plant start

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