Italian Cypress Tree (Cupressus ) - 4 Inch Pot

Italian Cypress Tree (Cupressus ) - 4 Inch Pot

Price: $16.99

  • These graceful trees do a beautiful job of defining your property's edge, and they make an unmistakably regal statement when planted along both sides of a long driveway in neat rows
  • Ships in a 4 Inch Pot -- approx size will be 8 to 14 inches tall
  • The dense blue-green leaves are not only aromatic, but ideal for sculpting into ornamental decor for a deck or patio. Don't hesitate to put them in a pot if you've got little room

Bald Cypress - Taxodium distichum – Healthy Established Roots - 1 Gallon Trade Potted – 1 Plant by Growers Solution

Price: $15.95

  • Yields cones that appear as little globes that attract wildlife.
  • Deciduous conifer that grows in pyramidal shape.
  • You are purchasing a Bald Cypress Tree with healthy established roots. Ready for immediate shipping.

Leyland Cypress Trees- Fast Growing Evergreen Privacy Trees- Large 6 ft. Trees for Instant Privacy- Stays Green All Year

Price: $89.99

  • ***Sorry, this item DOES NOT ship to CA or AZ due to State Laws***

41 inch Pure Garden Cypress Artificial Tree

List price: $96.99
Price: $88.99

  • Dimensions: 41 Inch x 15 Inch x 12 Inch
  • Enhances any room in your house
  • UV Resistant Rubber Leaves, 7 inch Pot

Leyland Cypress Tree - Live Plant - 2-3 Feet Tall - Trade Gallon pot

Price: $24.99

  • Live Plant 2-3 feet tall -- Ships in a Trade gallon pot
  • Fast growing evergreen with fine, feathery, soft-green foliage on flattened branches
  • Matures to a noble, dense, pyramidal tree, widely used as privacy fences and screens

Cypress Trees

Ranger Amy Washuta tells us all about our wonderful namesake, the cypress tree! Join her in the swamp to learn more about this most Floridian of trees.

Planting trees brings new life to ravaged flood area - FOX 7 Austin

It’s been almost three years since the deadly Memorial Day floods that ravaged parts of Wimberley County and took the life of nearly a dozen people.

Hundreds of homes were also destroyed along with wildlife in the floods.

People in Hays County are still recovering from the deadly flood today.

Saturday students and community members came together to help bring back life...

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  2. Planting trees brings new life to ravaged flood area
    “The trees will be there not just to clean storm water that runs into the river but also to slow future floods and provide habitat for wildlife,” said Thais Perkins executive director of Tree Folks. Over a hundred Cypress trees were planted all which
  3. The Advocate Cypress trees along Lafayette's Jefferson Street wreaking havoc on businesses, infrastructure
    City-parish officials did not respond to interview requests concerning the cypress trees. Other downtown property owners contacted by the Advocate said they hadn't noticed any problems, or knew there might be issues in the future. “The owners may just
  4. NPR Ice Age Forest Long Buried In Gulf of Mexico Offers Climate Change ...
    The remarkable discovery of an intact ancient cypress forest in the Gulf of Mexico may reveal a lot about climate change — the past and the future.
  5. Column: There's a crisis down in the bayou
    And they embrace this same vocation because it must have been carved in a cypress tree somewhere that this is how it would be. One of the swampers is very upset because his son has a college education and doesn't want to carry on the family tradition


  1. Cypress is a common name for various coniferous trees or shrubs of northern temperate regions that belong to the family Cupressaceae. The word cypress is derived from ...
  2. The Cypress tree in southern European climates received the symbolism of bodily death and spiritual immortality, due to the customs and language of the ages. The ...
  3. Enhance your home or business landscape with our selection of Cypress Trees. Choose from Arizona, Italian, Leyland, Pond, and more at Willis Orchards!
  4. Murray Cypress grows faster than Leyland Cypress,thats FAST! Murray cypress is truly the fastest growing evergreen trees you will find. We offer them in five ...
  5. Cupressaceae, Cypress Family. Arizona Cypress is found naturally on dry, sterile, rocky mountain slopes and canyon walls, but does very well when planted on better ...
nature tree cypress outdoors natural swamp
Cypress trees in swamp off the pearl river
Photo by klaxtonphoto on Flickr

Photo by MerGryphon on Flickr

vacation cypress tree pebblebeach
Pebble Beach Drive, Ca.
Photo by Craft0logy on Flickr